Quran is the book of guidance for all Muslims. Inculcating the importance of it in childhood itself is very important. Imparting the values at a time when the power and speed of memorizing is strong and the mind is innocent can help your children grow up with the right religious knowledge about the Holy Quran.

What you teach your children in their early years will stay with them forever. Learning to memorize and recite the Quran with the right accent in childhood will enable them to hone their abilities by the time they grow up. It will also help them lead a life in the right light with the guidance of the Holy Quran.

Nothing should withhold any child from gaining this knowledge of reciting and learning the Holy Quran. However, many such students with the will to learn are still not able to due to financial strains. By offering a sponsorship, you will help deserving and willing students to gain the wisdom for which they yearn.

Your generous sponsorship will help children to attend the course for free or at a discounted fee.

You may choose to support any number of students for as many number of months as you wish. We accept contributions in various currency options.

We invite you to become a part of our efforts in spreading the virtues of the Holy Quran.
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