How Hard Is To Learn Arabic? 

People are often concerned about learning Arabic, as the general perception, it is a hard language to learn. However, the notion is partially true. The Arabic language looks difficult and even sounds difficult. Do you know F.S.I. (Foreign Service Institute) categorize learning Arabic as the most arduous task?

Moreover, many people out there assume that it is quite challenging to learn Arabic, and native Arabic speakers can be fluent. But in my opinion learning, this language is not tough. The apparent nature of the language is difficult due to its squiggly lines. The hard sounding pronunciation also makes it difficult for the people. But once you start learning this language, it will become obvious that learning Arabic is quite easier.  

Why Do You Need to Learn Arabic? 

If you’re reading this article, it’s obvious that you are motivated enough to start learning this language. Many people around the world are curious to grasp Arabic. However, many people want to learn the language because of the professional field related to the Arabic world. Although many people also have vague reasons like they love the language. If you want to know if a person would succeed in learning the language or not, you can get know by questioning him/her “WHY.” Being passionate about the outcome makes things easier naturally. In some cases, when you start believing that something is laborious enough, then you find a way that will let you push through. 

General Confusion About Arabic Dialect 

Firstly you need to figure out which Arabic dialect you are looking to learn. People are confused about which dialect they need to learn. answering this answer question is quite simple if you can answer with whom you want to communicate. Many people out there often say that Arabic script is hard to read. But over here, we assure you that reading Arabic script isn’t hard.

People often ask how hard is to learn Arabic? The answer has already been answered above that learning Arabic is partially difficult. If you are passionate enough, it will become easier for you to learn Arabic. 

Arabic Vocabulary 

Initially, you’ll find it difficult to remember Arabic vocabulary, but with the passage of time, it will become easier for you to grasp a firm grip over the vocabulary. You can watch Arabic T.V. shows or try to read Arabic literature to know about the words and its usage. 


We won’t claim that learning Arabic is easier. It depends on your passion and orientation towards the language. If you are Muslim, Learning Arabic also becomes obligatory as the Holy Quran is this language. To know about the orders of Allah (S.W.T.) you’ll have to learn Arabic to follow the principles and guidelines of Islam.  Lastly, Let’s Read the Quran is always at your disposal if you are looking to learn Arabic. We have expert Arabic tutors on-board to satisfy your needs of learning Arabic. So, don’t wait anymore and contact us to start learning Arabic.