Why Do Muslim Kids need To Learn Noorani Qaida? 

Every Muslim is well-versed that Noorani Qaida sets out the basic rules and principles for the accurate pronunciation of Quranic verses. It seems a herculean task for children to read the Quran without getting the basic knowledge, but before the formal commencement of the Quran, the Noorani Qaida makes it easier for them. There is a long list of words that are pronounced differently in Arabic in comparison to other languages. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to make sure that kids get familiar with those words. The Noorani Qaida develops fluency in reading the Quran for the kids. There are many examples that the kids who skip Noorani Qaida have difficulty in reading the Quran in comparison to those who have studied it. 

Noorani Qaida – Vital For Kids 

The lessons of the Quran become easier for the kids who have studied Noorani Qaida instead of directly moving towards the Quran. The kids do not commit common mistakes while reading the word of Allah. It is better to invest the time of your child in learning the correct pronunciation of Arabic words rather than mitigating the mistakes. Many scholars advise the Noorani Qaida because it also develops a healthy learning environment and gets the child familiar with the Arabic language. The child also gets to know about his/her teacher, and both of them also develop a healthy relationship for learning the Quran in the later phase. 

Essentiality Of Noorani Qaida 

Noorani Qaida is a composition of Arabic alphabets. It is not essential for native Arabian speakers to learn the core basics of the language; however, non-Arab needs to learn the core principles of the language. You might have the idea that the Arabic language is considered one of the richest languages with a vast vocabulary.

The meaning of each word changes according to the context. One must have to be very careful while pronouncing the Arabic words; otherwise, the whole meaning would change. Every Muslim who’s not familiar with the Arabic language must have to study Noorani Qaida for getting to know the actual pronunciation. If you know how to correctly pronounce the words, you will be at ease in reciting the Quran. 

Noorani Qaida – Way To Learn Quran 

As mentioned previously for the non-native speakers, reciting the Quran would become difficult if you don’t know about the correct pronunciation of Arabic words. Muslim parents should consider it as an obligation to make their children know about the Quranic words by teaching them the core principles through Noorani Qaida.

When it comes to compound words, a lot of people start making mistakes. At the beginning stage, you must feel depressed that it is quite difficult to learn Arabic, but believe me, it’s not difficult at all. All you need is courage and commitment to learning the Arabic language. But sooner or later, you can master the pronunciation of the Arabic language. If you want to learn the Arabic language or want your child to study Noorani Qaida, we Let’s Read Quran are here to help you out.