Online Quran Classes For Kids

Our platform provides the courses online with a flexible schedule for kids who cannot find holy Quran teachers in their neighborhood. One of the biggest problems faced by Muslim families who settle in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canda, is that they cannot find any resources to educate their kids with quranic education.

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Quran Classes For Children

The rank of parents in Islam is highly exhaled and they also carry the responsibility on their shoulders for teaching their kids with Arabic and Quran education so that the children are the best example of a good Muslim in the society. Investing in your kid’s Islamic education is the best thing a parent can do, the children act as sadqa e Jaria after their parents leave this world.

Apparently, it seems an easy chore to embed the Islamic religious values into children, but western society has its own limitation. We at LetsReadQuran a Quran academy are shaping new dimensions for the Muslim families living in western countries to educate their children about Islam through online Quran classes for kids. The online learn Quran for kids could overcome many hurdles and obstacles as your kids won’t have to step out of the premises of your house.

Muslim families should make sure that their kids must learn Noorani Qaida. Making Islam for kids easier to understand is only possible by giving them Quran lessons about the Quran learning and Hadith. As Muslims, it’s an obligation for us to give Quran Classes to Kids.

Nowadays, it has become a laborious chore for Muslim families to find online Quran tutors for their kids. You may find many teachers to learn Quran online, but most of them aren’t qualified enough to deliver the core essence of the  Holy book. We at Lets Read Quran aims to provide the knowledge of learn Quran for kids and helping them understand Islam without stepping out from home. Our expert online Quran teachers know how to cater to your needs from hifz, recitation, tajweed, Quran course and Arabic lessons.

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Learn Quran For Kids

In search of better opportunities of learning quran for kids, people from all around the world are moving towards countries where Islam isn’t their state or primary religion. The families that move to non-Islamic countries often face a critical problem of giving Quran classes to their kids. Most of the time, it becomes an arduous task to find qualified Quran teachers, especially in European countries. Online Quran classes for kids by Lets Read Quran has made it easier for parents to educate their children about Islam. We’ve always remained at the forefront to spread the word of Allah.

Our highly advanced system enables the parents to keep an eye on the progress of their kids without even interpreting both kids and teachers. Now, you won’t have to send the children outside for the learning purpose. Instead, now you can avail the opportunity of personal Quran classes. The flexible timing after a consultation between the teacher and the parents will pave a path for ease at both ends. We allow the parents to discuss the content, which will be taught to the kids. Even if you are willing to opt for
learn tajweed translation or Tafseer programs, we will be at your disposal. It will help your kids to learn Arabic and also about the interpretations of the Quran.

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Quran for kids Beginners

Our team of expert Quran teachers is experienced in educating the Quran for beginner kids. We have designed a program that trains your kid with tajweed rules, Noorani Qaida, namaz, and many other masnoon duain.

If your kid is well-versed about the teachings of the Quran at an early age. It will help them to live their life according to the teachings of Islam. Online Quran classes for kids helps working parents in particular by scheduling the classes according to their availability. The learning of the Quran for kids helps to eradicate the hassles of logistics and timing. Along with that, there will also be no security concerns, as your child will stay at home to take the Quran classes by Lets Read Quran.

If you want your kid outgrows by learning the core teachings of the Quran, then you should choose the teacher who has profound knowledge of the Quran for kids. You can even avail of female teachers for girl kids. Our on-board teachers are competent enough to deliver the quintessence of the Quran to the kids. There’s no need to worry; we are here to handle the grooming of your child from the Islamic perspective. You just need a Laptop, an internet connection, and headphones to teach the online Quran to your children.