Quran Memorization Schedule

The Arabic language is the Qur’an. His Prophet Muhammad, (peace be an upon him) and his progeny; the glorious Quran is the Word of Allah. When one reads and understands the message of the Qur’an, one convinced at once that it is the Word of Allah, as no man can write so many things correctly.

The Holy Quran says that no one can even create a part of it and that it can not be reached by corruption on either side. It is a wonder that during these 1400 years, the Holy Quran remained unchanged and untouched, and would remain so until the Day of Resurrection because Allah had taken it upon Himself to protect it.

Allah’s Book is like the ocean. As youngsters, less educated gathers rocks and coats from its shores. Like pearl divers, scientists and thinkers draw the highest philosophy, wisdom, and rules. The Qur’an divided into 30 equal parts for straightforward daily recitation.

On average, one part takes 24 minutes to read, so Bookwhole Book needs 12 hours to read. There are 114 chapters, and 6,226 verses, containing 99,464 words made up of 330, 113 letters. Allah knows best The Qur’an is the Book read Book on earth and memorized by millions of people from all parts of the world.

How to memorize Quran faster?

It is an excellent virtuous act to memorize the Quran. The person who stores it must intercede and therefore keep it from reaching Hell-fire. It will be protection. It also said that Allah would never put a Hell-fire person with some Koran in his heart, according to Ahadith. It also told.

The traditional academics describe the golden age between 5 and 23 years of age. The golden age is undoubtedly the best time to keep the Qur’an in mind because it is a memorial highlight. This age factor represents an excellent bonus and support for those who want to remember the Quran and who should use it at once.

Steps for how to memorize Quran:

Here are ten simple steps to follow a person to quickly and effectively memorize the Quran:

  • Al-Ikhlas – Honesty 

The first step to enable the Qur’an to be remembered is honesty. The person needs to remember the Qur’an and please Allah for a reward. Don’t show, try to impress, or get a job (e.g., like Imam Masjid).

  • Right speech and recitation

The Quran’s pronunciation and recitation can also correct as an additional factor that will help someone to memorize it. This can be done by listening to a Qari whose recitation style you like and link to the Qur’an.

  • Enter the number of verses you want to read every day

Commit 3, 5, 10, 20 verses a day, for example.

For example, if you give yourself a target of memorizing three verses a day, read the three verses that you have memorized with three new verses. If you memorize three days one day, recall three other verses day the next day and repeat the verses you memorized.

Another tactic to remember the Quran is to repeat verses with Tajweed (tune) on all occasions. The tajweed will make the person appreciate the air of rehearsing and allow this verse to remembered.

  • Do not today’s the day’s limit.

Do not exceed 5 or 10 verses a day if you have vowed to memorize them. Confide in a regular number of verses you want to memorize daily and don’t change the template.

  • Save from a single Quran copy.

It’s because the layout of the worms is different in every Quran. If you memorize a copy, the verse will cement into your mental memory, and it may cause difficulties in memorizing the Quran if you try to memorize several different copies of the Koran.

  • Comprehension is a memorization process

Understanding the verses definitely would improve memorization and also Khoshoo during Sala.

  • Do not skip until the chapter you’re on is finished.

Memorizing the Quran as you stopped last in chapters is the easiest way to memorize the Quran.

  • Don’t always listen to you.

It recommended praying before someone Hafiz ul Quran (who memorized the Quran) because Hafiz will benefit, and he will correct him in his errors.

  • Continuity – Tell yourself always, wherever you are

The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said the Koran would emerge more quickly from a human tongue than an unbound horse. For example, please keep repeating the Quran constantly wherever you are.

  • Identify worm models

The Quran is Mutashabihat, meaning that it modeled. Often the verses look like one another and are an outstanding help in remembering the sacred Qur’an.

References from the Qur’an Verily

The reminder (Quran) has revealed, and We are the guardian. (Al Hijr, ayah no.9)

Alif Lam Meem. the Book of which those who refrain from evil indeed guided. (Al Baqarah, ayah no.1&2)

Falsehood can’t come from or behind it. (It’s) the All-Wise revelation, All-Praise’s owner. (Fussilat, ayah no. 42)

You would have seen it humbly, rumbled down by the fear of Allah, if we had brought the Qur’an on a mountain. We give humanity such a similarity to reflect. (Al Hashr, ayah no. 21)

References from the Sunnah

  1. The noble, precious, Scribes (angels who record all deeds) is the right person who has a good knowledge of reading the Qur’an. Whoever finds it difficult to recite the Quran receives two rewards. (Bukhari, Muslim)
  2. A person whose bosom is devoid of the Qur’an (i.e., he who has not learned anything of the Qur’an Majeed) is like a desolate house. (Tirmidhi)
  3. A person reciting a Qur’ anic letter receives one virtue; every virtue multiplies by ten virtues. “AlifLam-Mim” isn’t one letter, I’m not saying. Alif, however, is one letter; Laam is one letter, and Meem is one. (Tirmidhi)
  4. .On the day of resurrection, one who has learned the Quran and has practiced its laws will place at the heads of the parent. Its splendor outlines the brightness of the sun that penetrates your houses. What then do you think is the status of the person who learned the Qur’an and behaved accordingly? (Abu Dawud)
  1. Continue reciting the Qur’an because, on the Day of Qiyaamah, it will appear as an intercessor for the reciter. (Muslim)
  2. Whoever listens to the recitation of even a single ayah obtains such a virtue that continuously multiplies. The one who recited the ayah will on the Day of Resurrection find the recited ayah in the form of Noor (light this will be of higher value and significance than the virtue which the listener had gathered).