surah mulk

Benefits of Reading Surah Mulk 

One of the greatest blessings of Allah is the Quran, which has been bestowed upon mankind. The Quran consists of 114 Surahs, and all of them are enlightening mankind with their blessings. The surahs of the Quran helps us to alter our lives and also let us know about the right path to follow. Surah Mulk is among the Makki surahs. The literal meaning of Mulk means “Domination” or “Kingdom.” The Surah was revealed to the last Holy Prophet in the city of Makkah. Surah Mulk is the 67th chapter of the Quran and has 30 verses. 

Virtues and Benefits of Surah Mulk 

Reading Surah Mulk has a lot of benefits for the Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad regarding the virtues of Surah Mulk said: 

“The Surah prevents us from the punishment of the grave.”

We, the Muslims, can get an extensive range of benefits by reciting Surah Mulk. If you are looking for a multitude of virtues, then reading Surah Mulk is among the best options for you. A person only needs a few minutes for you to read the entire Surah. But along with reading the Surah, you also need to ponder over the verses as well to grab understanding about the Words of Allah. If you read the Surah before going to sleep, then an angel comes down for the protection of that person. Because while sleeping, one cannot protect himself. 

The Fazail and virtues of Surah Mulk has no limits. If you want to succeed in this world and hereafter, then making the Quran an integral part of your life is the only option. Along with that, bear in mind that recitation of the Quran is not confined to any specific time; in fact, you can recite at any time of the day. 

Recitation Before Going To Sleep 

As mentioned above, if you recite Surah Mulk before going to sleep, you will be protected by angels. But it’s a noble duty of Muhammadans to understand the meaning and interpretation of all the surahs in the light of Hadith. Everyone is well-versed that the Quran is the ultimate source of enlightenment and a complete code of life as well. The Quran helps us to live our lives according to the principles set of Allah. 

Blessings Of Surah Mulk 

A number of blessings can be attained by the recitation of the Quran. There’sThere’s a reason behind the revelation of every Surah. Along with reciting and understanding the meaning of the verse, you should ponder to know about the virtues and blessings associated with Surah Mulk. Every single word of the Quran has blessings for all of us. 


Lastly, the blessings of the Quran are infinite. Especially when it comes to Surah Mulk, then this chapter of the Quran helps ever Muslim out there to get protected from all the evils. You can also learn the tafsir of Surah Mulk by getting registered with Let’s Read the Quran to get a detailed idea about the core essence of the word of Allah.