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Benefits And Virtues of Reading Surah Waqiah 

People around the world are always looking around for ways that could help them to get rid of poverty. Every other person you come across will dream of having a debt-free life, where financial stability exists. You would see that economic instability has hit the world, especially since the great depression of 2008. The prevailing system of loans and credit cards has made the life of ordinary people more stringent, and they have to face different monetary challenges every other day. Everyone out there is putting effort and working hard enough to fulfill their needs. But one thing we as Muslims are missing is the recitation of Quranic Surahs, especially Surah Waqiah. Therefore, against all the odds, we as Muslims should make recitation of this Surah a part of our daily routine. 

Surah Waqiah – Virtues And Integrity

The Surah Waqiah, which is also known as the Surah of wealth, we have to bring it close to our hearts to make our lives easier and smooth. The holy Prophet has a clear verdict that it helps us to stay away from destitution and bring prosperity to our lives.

What Is The Best Time To Read Surah Waqiah? 

It is the most easier task to make this Surah a part of your life. You would only require a few moments to recite the entire Surah. As Muslims, it is our duty to recite the Quranic verses on a regular basis, but most of us waste our time while doing other chores. We should invest our time in describing Surah Waqiah to live a prosperous life and achieve our goals while most of the scholars are convinced that the best time to recite this Surah is before going to sleep. It is also the Sunah of the beloved Messenger of ALLAH. Many scholars also consider it the ultimate source of acquiring wealth. I guess there would be no wise Muslim, who will miss the opportunity of fulfilling their needs by reciting this Surah. 

Wealth At Your Threshold 

If you want wealth to come to your doorstep, then reciting this Surah is the best option for you to opt for. The Prophet Muhammad once said that if the Ummah recites Surah Waqiah every night, they will never be exposed to poverty and will a prosperous life. Do you know, you will need not more than 5 minutes to recite this Surah? Along with that, the scholars advise that reciting this Surah after the prayer of Maghrib and Isha will have an enormous impact on your lives. Who would deny the fact that the Quran is the ultimate source of guidance and has an extensive range of blessings for everyone out there? It should be our utmost duty to follow the guidelines of Allah. To succeed in this life and hereafter, Quran outlines the ultimate route to follow. The recitation of Surah Waqiah for Muslims will surely make a considerable difference and will lead us to the right path.