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We at Lets Read Quran are pleased to welcome you to our online course Tajweed learning platform.

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Our affordable online Tajweed courses portal is specially dedicated to Muslim families residing in western countries. Tajweed is all about to beautify the Quranic verses. It is known as the art of Quranic recitation with proper pronunciation. Now, with the help of Let’s Read the Quran, your kids could be able to learn reading Quran with tajweed in no time by our Quran teaching experts.

We have some of the best online teachers and experts on-board with us; they are capable enough to meet all your requirements. We are committed to delivering online classes to our Muslim brothers and sisters across the world. In European countries, in particular, Muslim families don’t have access to tajweed tutors, but with the help of the latest advanced technologies, we’ve made it possible to nurture your kids by teaching them the recitation of the Quran with Tajweed rules and Tafseer.

Children are good at learning things; we recommend that Muslim families should enroll their kids in online Quranic Tajweed classes to make their recitation of the Quran perfect. If you enroll your children in our online Tajweed learning classes, it will remain in their minds throughout their life. It’s similar to the carving made on stone, which remains the same indefinitely.

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Make Your Kids Familiar With Tajweed Rules

Make Your Kids Familiar With Tajweed Rules

Your kids could add excellence to their knowledge about the Quran. The tajweed learning courses offered by Lets Read Quran will help those kids who are able to read and learn Arabic language and are well-versed about the Makhraj. We aim to illuminate the kids and adults to make their recitation of the Quran according to the rules of recitation and correct pronunciation. We’ve several levels of Tajweed courses according to the understanding of kids and adults.

Even if you aren’t familiar with how the Tajweed rules work, we’re here to help you and your kids to grasp everything you need to know about the perfect recitation of the Quran. You will also be able to learn all the tenets in our classes like Hamzatul Wasl, the standards of Raa’ and Al Mudood to encourage and motivate the children to make them indulged in the learning.

Learning Tajweed Quran at Home

Many families living in western countries aren’t able to send their children outside the premises of their homes. There are multiple reasons for security concerns to busy work schedules. They prefer their kids to learn Quranic Tajweed without stepping out. If Muslim families are looking forward to getting rid of all such obstacles, then you’ve landed at the right place, as we are here to provide you the best online services.

In Quran for kids, our qualified Holy Quran experts will let your children learn the tajweed Quran on the go. We will help the kids to get familiar with accurate pronunciation and the errors. The most significant aspect of Quranic Tajweed rules is to learn the discourse and accurate enunciation of Quranic verses. Do you know, wrong pronunciation in Arabic words even leads to changing the meaning of the verse. So, one must be careful while reciting the Quran. Thus, it is inevitable for Muslim families to make their kids familiar with the actual pronunciation. with LetsReadQuran you learning how to recite the Quran, Quran Online, and meem sakinah points of the letters.

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