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The word “tafsir” originated from the word “fassara,” which means to explain something. So, Qurantafseer means to explain or interpret the verses of the Quran in detail. Not everyone can make the Quran Tafseer with just a little knowledge of Islam. Instead, only those can make Tafseer  Quran, who is an expert and have much understanding of Islam and Islamic history.

The main purpose of the Quran tafsir is to get the true meaning of Quran verses so that people can apply it to their lives without any hesitation.

Everyone knows that the Quran is the word of Allah Almighty, and to understand Allah’s message, you have to grow the intellectual ability while increasing the knowledge. Only then can you comprehend the words of Allah delivered through this Holy Book when you reach a specific intellectual level.

For common people, the explanation of the Quran is the same, but different people perceive it differently. That’s why we need to understand the true meaning rather than misjudging the interpretation. For this, Quran Tafseer is the best solution.

Undoubtedly, Muslims recite the Quran and try to understand the translation; still, the Quran Tafsir has its own significance. LetsreadQuran allows you to get the maximum benefit from the Quran Tafseer courses.

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The Significance of Tafseer

Well, a number of reasons are there why Tafseer is essential. People go for Tafseer when they genuinely want to interpret the meaning of Allah’s messages. Here are a few reasons you can consider:

At first, you get an explanation of the Quran for a better understanding of the messages it has. Reading translation gives you the factual meaning of the words; however, on the other hand, Quran Tafseer comes with the context in which a specific Ayah was revealed.

Secondly, Tafseer is important when it is about taking the laws out of the Quran. Quranic verses have some instructions that you need to follow.

Third, when you don’t have any science involved in the understanding of the Quran, vagueness, and contradiction rise for sure. When you have Quran Tafsir, you can cross-check it, and there is no chance of ambiguity.

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Types of Tafseer

When you are finding Tafseer Quran, you will get three main types including, Tafsir bil Riwaya and Tafsir bil Ray. Yet, these are two major types, and all other Tafsirs are written in one or more of these kinds.

1.      Tafsir bil Riwaya

In this kind of Tafseer, you will get the explanation of Quranic verses through different communication sources. All these sources Quran itself provides, and the source is the tradition of Prophet (PBUH), where He said things in the light of the Quranic verses.

2.      Tafsir bil Ray

This kind of Quran Tafsir is based on reasoning called “ijtihad.”  One thing you need to note is that Ijtihad does not mean random translation; instead, it is made while comparing the verses, sayings of the renowned Companions of Prophet (PBUH).

In short, if you want to understand the Quran truly, you can find the Tafsir as the best solution. With this, a Muslim can connect himself directly to the Quran and messages of Allah sent for the betterment of Human beings.

Why You Need Tafseer Classes?

Worshiping Allah is the primary responsibility of every Mulsim Allah, and everyone has to follow his guidelines to get rewards in this life and hereafter. If you want to direct your life according to the path outlay by Quran and Islam, then you must learn and teach Quaran Tafseer and Tajweed to yourself and kids. Quran for kids is best for teaching the Quran to your children.

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