How to Make Supplication (Dua)?

How to Make Supplication (Dua)?

How to Make Supplication (Dua)?


Supplication is the beautiful way to seek help & guidance of Allah Almighty in life matters. Muslims make supplication after every prayer to seek Allah's blessings daily. Allah Almighty highlights the importance of supplications in the Holy Quran at numerous places. We will be discussing how to make supplications in the best ways before Allah Almighty.


What is Supplication (Dua)?

The word Dua belongs to Dawah in Arabic which means remembrance of Allah Almighty. The supplication is not confined to prayers only. Muslims can make supplication at any time of the day to seek Allah’s help. They can request anything small or big as per their wishes from Allah Almighty. The supplication can be made in any language and any place without any restrictions.


When Supplications are Accepted?

Supplications are not confined to places or times. They can be made any time. But there are certain times mentioned in Quran, Hadith & scholar’s books in which every supplication will be accepted by Allah Almighty.

These times include supplications on the following occasions:

  • Made in travel
  • Made in illness
  • While visiting patients
  • During the last third part of the night
  • While in prostration
  • Made Between the prayer call and beginning of prayer
  • Made by innocent & oppressed
  • Made by parents for children
  • Made on the pilgrim day
  • During the special night of Qadr in the month of Ramadan
  • During rain
  • Made on Friday
  • During rooster crowing
  • While drinking zam zam
  • Made after five times obligatory prayers.


What are the Manners of Supplication?

There are no strict requirements here. You can make supplication while lying on the bed or while sitting at the chairs or even while walking down the roads. However, you can make Dua in more appreciable ways which are called Mustahab (a better act) in Islam. You would not be violating any rule if you don’t follow these appreciable ways to make supplication you don’t follow these conditions. However, it is better to make the following preparations for Dua:

  1. Perform Ablution before making supplication.
  2. Perform supplication with open hands as if you want to receive something from Almighty
  3. Lift your hands to touch your face after completing supplication
  4. Make Supplication deep down from the heart and with a low tone.
  5. Start your prayers by mentioning Allah’s forgiveness and superior majesty as taught in Holy Quran.
  6. Repeat your supplication twice or thrice.
  7. Make supplication with humbleness and with true desires.
  8. Make confessions of wrong deeds in supplications and ask for forgiveness from Allah Almighty
  9. Don’t make haste in supplication.
  10. Perform supplication with surety that Allah is listening to your supplication
  11. Be truthful & don’t make artificial wishes because Allah Almighty knows your true desires
  12. Pray with Allah’s Favorite & Beautiful Names


What is Prohibited in Supplication?

Muslims only pray to one Lord. Islam strongly prohibits making supplication before anyone. Praying before any other thing is considered as the greatest sin called Shirk. Therefore, there is no room here for the mistake. Muslims can make supplications to only Allah Almighty.


When Supplications are rejected?

Supplications in Haste

Patience in getting the results of supplication is the prime requisite for acceptance. One should not expect to make supplication in haste and then wait for the immediate results. Supplications should be made patiently with true heart and results should be waited considering Allah’s decision.


Supplications for Sinful Demands

One should not expect supplication as means of selfish desires or illegal acts. Supplications work only for the right and legit demands that don’t cause harm to others. This can be understood from the case of making supplication before exams compared to the case of supplication for not getting caught in cheating during exams. In these cases, the right & legit supplication is the one made before exams.


Supplications with Bad Intentions

The desires in supplication shall not have any bad impact on anyone. Your wishes must not hurt anyone in the long run. If you are praying for your business, you should not be intending to do anything bad that impacts society or the people while running the targeted business.


Supplications in Distractions

Supplications shall be made without any distraction in a peaceful environment. The person must be well aware that the wish is being made directly to Almighty and the lord is going to answer the supplication very soon.


Supplications are liked by Allah Almighty. It has been mentioned in Holy Quran that Allah listens to supplications and answers them. We should make supplications in our every small or big matter before Almighty.