Can I Recite Quran in My Language?

Can I Recite Quran in My Language?


Holy Quran is being recited by billions of Muslims today. Indeed, Holy Quran is also the most translated book of the World. Most Muslims don’t understand Arabic very much today. Generally, the typical way of reciting the Holy Quran for non-natives is to first learn Arabic basics and then recite Holy Quran. For thorough understanding, people learn from the translated versions in the next stage.


You might be thinking to why not read Quran from the translated version. It would lead to better understanding for everyone. Let us have a look at this point of view below:


Authenticity of Translation

Learning Quran in your own language will lead to a thorough understanding of verses. But the real problem is the authenticity of the translation. Are you one hundred percent sure that translation is perfect in all aspects? This is not possible in the case of translating from Arabic.


The meanings of one Arabic word can be countless. The language is very rich in vocabulary and in fact, many other languages are derived from this primary language. It is extremely difficult to translate each and every Arabic word exactly in true context to different languages.


The other important point is the expertise of translators in the Arabic language. Translators should have profound knowledge of Arabic grammar & vocabulary for perfect translations into other languages. If they commit a mistake in interpreting the Quran verse, they would translate it wrongly to their language.


Translation can lead to the change of meanings and contexts if the translator does not have a profound grip on both the original and translated languages.

It is therefore a fair chance of errors in translated versions of the Holy Quran.


Reading of Holy Quran  

Translated versions are allowed for the understanding of the meanings of verses. Of course, repeating words without knowing the meaning would not help in understanding. It is quite a pious intention to understand Quran verse by verse. The Holy Book has guidance for all mankind in every dimension of life. The guidance and awareness can only be availed if you truly understand what is being said in verses.


Self-understanding is also a lot beneficial because you cannot be misguided by others. Incompetent religious scholars can interpret wrong meanings of verses and we might be using the same interpretations for quite a long since we don’t understand the language of the verses.


However, it is recommended to follow two or three best-translated versions to understand the difference in translations at a few points. You must know that interpretation of verses is as per the scholar’s understanding of the verse. Different scholars may write down different translations as per their understandings. You can therefore match and contradict different translated versions to form the grounds for a final authentic understanding of Quranic verses.

You must remember that every scholar translates Quran as per their knowledge, research, and understanding levels of the Holy Quran.


Recitation Of Holy Quran

Quran can only be beautifully recited in Arabic tajweed. Only the original language of the Holy Quran has immense impacts on our hearts. The rewards on reciting each word of the Holy Quran apply to only the original language and not to translated versions. But still, it is not prohibited to read from translated versions for one’s understanding of verses. However, recitation of the Holy Quran has true essence only when it is recited in the original Arabic language.



There is no harm in reading Quran from translated versions. But a recitation of the Holy Quran should follow the recitation style of the Holy Prophet. All the rewards & blessings on reciting Holy Quran are linked only to the original Arabic language. You must recite Holy Quran in the original language to avoid making an error in the perfect understanding of Quranic verses.


The recitation of the Quran should follow the recitation of Prophet PBUH that was in the Arabic language. It is only the way that blessings of the Holy Book can be sought from Allah Almighty. The beautiful & powerful effects of the Holy Quran are only applicable to the most original language. However, one can follow authentic translated versions for the understanding of the context of verses.