Is Quran the best book in the world?

Is Quran the best book in the world?


Holy Quran is the most read book in the world. Many Muslims have left this world reading it all their lives while many present ones are reciting it in their prayers. This is the last Holy Book revealed to the last Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Let us read how this Holy Book is perfect in all respects:


Perfectness of Language

There have been many holy books revealed to Prophets revealed in different languages at different times. However, some of them got changed while others could not be saved. Some of the books used language that could not be understood by people anymore. Holy Quran was revealed fourteen hundred years ago and is still flawless. Each word is hundred percent genuine. The language is Arabic which is still one of the most diversified languages in the world. The book follows a brilliant rhythmic pattern that makes everyone fascinated by reading them.


Guidance without Any time Constraints

The holy books revealed in the past contained guidance for specific people at specific times. These principles would not apply to the next nations. However, Holy Quran is yet equally effective now as it was fourteen hundred years ago. Moreover, it is not confined to Muslims but it also provides guidance for mankind. It includes principles of justice, heritage, and a social life that is practised by every nation.


The One hundred Percent Genuine Book

In Holy Quran, Allah Almighty mentions that Allah is guarding this book. Indeed, this is the only book that is fourteen hundred years old but is still in its complete genuine form. There is not even a single word alteration in the Holy Book at present times. However, all other Holy Books have been changed by their people for their own benefit. This is the most prominent fact of the Holy Quran.


The Highest Timeline of Revelation 

Holy Quran was revealed during the period of 37 years. This is the quite vast time period in which any Holy Book was completed. Past holy books were revealed in quite short times. This is why Holy Book principles are very practical and it contains guidance for the entire phase of life.


Accurate Scientific Facts

The only Holy Book that explains the science behind many natural processes with one hundred percent accuracy is Holy Quran. This is practically not possible for a book written in the 7th Century and delivered fourteen hundred years ago to be that much accurate. Even the pioneer scientists & physicists have to amend their theories when they find some new information. However, Holy Quran accurately explains the processes of botany, embryology, oceanography, geology, and astronomy. Scientists have cross-checked their research with Holy Quran and they are astonished at its hundred percent accuracy.


Some facts of the Holy Quran are still under research. The present science is still struggling for better equipment to make a conclusion on many Quran facts. This divine book always proves to be perfectly accurate in each scientific statement.


First Advocate of Knowledge

The first word of the first verse revealed to Prophet Muhammad was “Read”. This highlights the importance of knowledge prioritized by the Quran. People of that time weren’t familiar with reading or writing in those times and that’s why Quran asked them to read and write. this is how Holy Quran opened doors of awareness and knowledge to common people. The earlier holy books were confined to priests and very few common people would have access to them. Some holy books were transferred only from priests to priests.


Guidance on Life Long Principles 

Holy Books provide guidance in every sphere of life. The lifelong principles start from childhood, adulthood to old age. These principles include rulings of society, justice, culture, economic, family heritage, and many more. There isn’t any aspect of life that hasn’t been guided from the Holy Book. It explains every answer to questions of existence and the purpose of life. The Holy Book not only provides new principles but also endorse the principles of previous books. This is why someone who has read Bible can easily confirm that the same rulings of judgment day, ethics, and beliefs are also found in Holy Quran.


Holy Quran is perfect in every aspect. It provides guidance to believers and disbelievers with their lifelong matters without any time constraints. The miracle of the Holy Quran is its full fledge effectiveness in present times. Principles of the Holy Book are fully applicable to present times although the book was revealed fourteen hundred years ago.