How to Make Supplication (Dua)?

How to Make Supplication (Dua)?

How to Make Supplication (Dua)?


Supplication is the beautiful way to seek help & guidance of Allah Almighty in life matters. Muslims make supplication after every prayer to seek Allah's blessings daily. Allah Almighty highlights the importance of supplications in the Holy Quran at numerous places. We will be discussing how to make supplications in the best ways before Allah Almighty.


What is Supplication (Dua)?

The word Dua belongs to Dawah in Arabic which means remembrance of Allah Almighty. The supplication is not confined to prayers only. Muslims can make supplication at any time of the day to seek Allah’s help. They can request anything small or big as per their wishes from Allah Almighty. The supplication can be made in any language and any place without any restrictions.


When Supplications are Accepted?

Supplications are not confined to places or times. They can be made any time. But there are certain times mentioned in Quran, Hadith & scholar’s books in which every supplication will be accepted by Allah Almighty.

These times include supplications on the following occasions:

  • Made in travel
  • Made in illness
  • While visiting patients
  • During the last third part of the night
  • While in prostration
  • Made Between the prayer call and beginning of prayer
  • Made by innocent & oppressed
  • Made by parents for children
  • Made on the pilgrim day
  • During the special night of Qadr in the month of Ramadan
  • During rain
  • Made on Friday
  • During rooster crowing
  • While drinking zam zam
  • Made after five times obligatory prayers.


What are the Manners of Supplication?

There are no strict requirements here. You can make supplication while lying on the bed or while sitting at the chairs or even while walking down the roads. However, you can make Dua in more appreciable ways which are called Mustahab (a better act) in Islam. You would not be violating any rule if you don’t follow these appreciable ways to make supplication you don’t follow these conditions. However, it is better to make the following preparations for Dua:

  1. Perform Ablution before making supplication.
  2. Perform supplication with open hands as if you want to receive something from Almighty
  3. Lift your hands to touch your face after completing supplication
  4. Make Supplication deep down from the heart and with a low tone.
  5. Start your prayers by mentioning Allah’s forgiveness and superior majesty as taught in Holy Quran.
  6. Repeat your supplication twice or thrice.
  7. Make supplication with humbleness and with true desires.
  8. Make confessions of wrong deeds in supplications and ask for forgiveness from Allah Almighty
  9. Don’t make haste in supplication.
  10. Perform supplication with surety that Allah is listening to your supplication
  11. Be truthful & don’t make artificial wishes because Allah Almighty knows your true desires
  12. Pray with Allah’s Favorite & Beautiful Names


What is Prohibited in Supplication?

Muslims only pray to one Lord. Islam strongly prohibits making supplication before anyone. Praying before any other thing is considered as the greatest sin called Shirk. Therefore, there is no room here for the mistake. Muslims can make supplications to only Allah Almighty.


When Supplications are rejected?

Supplications in Haste

Patience in getting the results of supplication is the prime requisite for acceptance. One should not expect to make supplication in haste and then wait for the immediate results. Supplications should be made patiently with true heart and results should be waited considering Allah’s decision.


Supplications for Sinful Demands

One should not expect supplication as means of selfish desires or illegal acts. Supplications work only for the right and legit demands that don’t cause harm to others. This can be understood from the case of making supplication before exams compared to the case of supplication for not getting caught in cheating during exams. In these cases, the right & legit supplication is the one made before exams.


Supplications with Bad Intentions

The desires in supplication shall not have any bad impact on anyone. Your wishes must not hurt anyone in the long run. If you are praying for your business, you should not be intending to do anything bad that impacts society or the people while running the targeted business.


Supplications in Distractions

Supplications shall be made without any distraction in a peaceful environment. The person must be well aware that the wish is being made directly to Almighty and the lord is going to answer the supplication very soon.


Supplications are liked by Allah Almighty. It has been mentioned in Holy Quran that Allah listens to supplications and answers them. We should make supplications in our every small or big matter before Almighty.


The tale Of Prophet Yunus (AS) and Whale in Quran

The tale Of Prophet Yunus (AS) and Whale in Quran

The tale Of Prophet Yunus (AS) and Whale in Quran

The tale Of Prophet Yunus (AS) and Whale in Quran


There are twenty-five names of Prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran. The name of Prophet Younas has been mentioned in Surah Younus. It is the tenth surah of the Holy Quran and is present in the eleventh chapter of the Holy Quran. It contains the heart-warming story of Prophet Yunus (AS) and his followers.


Let us read the story of the Whale and Prophet Younus (AS) in this article mentioned in the Holy Quran.


Prophet Yunus (AS) and his Followers

Followers of Hazrat Younus lived in the northern region of Iraq. They are called the people of Nineveh in history books. These people were firm disbelievers of Allah Almighty. They used to worship idols. When Prophet Youns conveyed the message of Allah Almighty to the people, they ignored and laughed at the announcement. When the Prophet mentioned Allah's warning to people, they denied and said the worshipping of idols by their forefathers for centuries without any harm. Since their forefathers weren't subjected to punishment, nothing would happen with them.


The Prophet got discouraged and left the village of Nineveh. Allah then punished the people of Ninveh. People observed fire in the skies after the Prophet left the town. People came to know that Prophet Younus was right in his words, and now they will be punished for their wrongdoings. People rushed to deserts with their children and asked Allah for mercy.


Prophet Yunus (AS) 's Journey

The Prophet has already left his nation in despair. He onboarded a ship with few companions and left the village. After some time, the boat went into turbulence, and passengers feared that ship was about to sink in water. Passengers made up a plan to lighten up the load on the ship so that turbulence could be decreased to some extent. They decided that they would create a ballot with the names of the people on the boat. The person's name chosen after a random pick from the poll will have to leave the ship.


When the ballot was made and the random name was picked, the name appeared of Prophet Younis. However, people knew the credibility of the Prophet and ignored the first result. They decided to ballot again, and the same event happened. Furthermore, the name appeared of Prophet Younus. This was again ignored until the third ballot was made. When Prophet Younus observed his name for the third time, he decided to jump off the boat as it was a clear sign from Almighty. Prophet realized that he had left his people without Allah's command, and now he is destined to see the circumstances of his actions.


The Encounter of Whale with Yunus AS

When the Prophet jumped into the sea, he was swallowed by a giant whale. Allah had commanded fish not to eat Prophet or harm him in any way. However, the Prophet was imprisoned inside the body of a giant whale for a long time.


The Whale swam to a sea depth with Prophet Younus inside the body. Quran mentioned that Prophet thought he had died when he reached inside the fish, but soon Prophet realized that he was alive when he could move his legs inside the fish's belly. He realized he was being punished, so he went down in sujood before Allah.

He asked Allah for forgiveness, stating that he was praying for forgiveness at a place where no one else could have reached.


Scholars mention that Prophet Younus was imprisoned in the belly of fish for almost forty days.


Yunus's Heart Warming Prayer

Prophet Younus requested Allah's forgiveness through prayer. He prayed “Laa ilaa haa illaa anta subhaanaka, innee kuntu min az-Zaalimeen.”. this prayer is now the most popular prayer of muslims. It is known as Ayat Karima to Muslims. According to several hadiths, Allah answers the prayers when Muslims pray with the words of Prophet Younus.

It is mentioned in the Holy book that all sea creatures began to pray to Allah after hearing the voice of the Prophet from the belly of fish.


Allah Answers Yunus's (AS) Prayer

Allah accepted Prophet Younus prayer and forgave his mistake. Allah mentions in Holy Quran that Prophet repented sincerely from his heart. Prophet regretted his decision of leaving his nation without the command of Allah Almighty. That is why Allah forgave Prophet Younus due to genuine sincerity and commanded the Whale to release the Prophet. Allah mentions that if Prophet hadn't prayed in repentance, he would have stayed in the belly of fish till the day of judgement for his mistake.


The Whale released Prophet on a seashore when Allah commanded the Whale to release the Prophet.


Yunus (AS) Returns Back

Prophet Younus returned to his people after the Whale released him. When he reached back, he realized that the people were punished due to their wrongdoings. People felt relieved on seeing Prophet Younus and welcomed him back. People of Nineveh had now accepted Allah Almighty existence. They became true believers, and they refrained from worshipping idols anymore. In this way, Allah doesn't only forgive Prophet, but he made the task of the Prophet relatively easy for him.


Is Quran the best book in the world?

Is Quran the best book in the world?

Is Quran the best book in the world?

Is Quran the best book in the world?


Holy Quran is the most read book in the world. Many Muslims have left this world reading it all their lives while many present ones are reciting it in their prayers. This is the last Holy Book revealed to the last Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Let us read how this Holy Book is perfect in all respects:


Perfectness of Language

There have been many holy books revealed to Prophets revealed in different languages at different times. However, some of them got changed while others could not be saved. Some of the books used language that could not be understood by people anymore. Holy Quran was revealed fourteen hundred years ago and is still flawless. Each word is hundred percent genuine. The language is Arabic which is still one of the most diversified languages in the world. The book follows a brilliant rhythmic pattern that makes everyone fascinated by reading them.


Guidance without Any time Constraints

The holy books revealed in the past contained guidance for specific people at specific times. These principles would not apply to the next nations. However, Holy Quran is yet equally effective now as it was fourteen hundred years ago. Moreover, it is not confined to Muslims but it also provides guidance for mankind. It includes principles of justice, heritage, and a social life that is practised by every nation.


The One hundred Percent Genuine Book

In Holy Quran, Allah Almighty mentions that Allah is guarding this book. Indeed, this is the only book that is fourteen hundred years old but is still in its complete genuine form. There is not even a single word alteration in the Holy Book at present times. However, all other Holy Books have been changed by their people for their own benefit. This is the most prominent fact of the Holy Quran.


The Highest Timeline of Revelation 

Holy Quran was revealed during the period of 37 years. This is the quite vast time period in which any Holy Book was completed. Past holy books were revealed in quite short times. This is why Holy Book principles are very practical and it contains guidance for the entire phase of life.


Accurate Scientific Facts

The only Holy Book that explains the science behind many natural processes with one hundred percent accuracy is Holy Quran. This is practically not possible for a book written in the 7th Century and delivered fourteen hundred years ago to be that much accurate. Even the pioneer scientists & physicists have to amend their theories when they find some new information. However, Holy Quran accurately explains the processes of botany, embryology, oceanography, geology, and astronomy. Scientists have cross-checked their research with Holy Quran and they are astonished at its hundred percent accuracy.


Some facts of the Holy Quran are still under research. The present science is still struggling for better equipment to make a conclusion on many Quran facts. This divine book always proves to be perfectly accurate in each scientific statement.


First Advocate of Knowledge

The first word of the first verse revealed to Prophet Muhammad was “Read”. This highlights the importance of knowledge prioritized by the Quran. People of that time weren’t familiar with reading or writing in those times and that’s why Quran asked them to read and write. this is how Holy Quran opened doors of awareness and knowledge to common people. The earlier holy books were confined to priests and very few common people would have access to them. Some holy books were transferred only from priests to priests.


Guidance on Life Long Principles 

Holy Books provide guidance in every sphere of life. The lifelong principles start from childhood, adulthood to old age. These principles include rulings of society, justice, culture, economic, family heritage, and many more. There isn’t any aspect of life that hasn’t been guided from the Holy Book. It explains every answer to questions of existence and the purpose of life. The Holy Book not only provides new principles but also endorse the principles of previous books. This is why someone who has read Bible can easily confirm that the same rulings of judgment day, ethics, and beliefs are also found in Holy Quran.


Holy Quran is perfect in every aspect. It provides guidance to believers and disbelievers with their lifelong matters without any time constraints. The miracle of the Holy Quran is its full fledge effectiveness in present times. Principles of the Holy Book are fully applicable to present times although the book was revealed fourteen hundred years ago.


How to Not Skip Quran Recitation?

How to Not Skip Quran Recitation?

How to Not Skip Quran Recitation?

How to Not Skip Quran Recitation?


We are living a hectic life today. It is getting quite hard to stick with the duties of our religion. Most of us don't find the time to read Quran every day. We usually skip reading Quran by thinking that let us read it the next day. But then we get again stuck with our daily schedule and miss reading Quran. This process is continued for weeks and months.


This is very unfortunate for most of us. If you have been missing Reading Quran for weeks and months, this guide will help you a lot in scheduling your day around recitations of the Holy Quran. We put a lot of effort into our studies, but we don't struggle to bind with the Quran.

This is also a great blessing to start your day with Quran. We have made a schedule that will bind everyone with Quran every day.


Quran Recitation after Prayers

You may not find the time during your classes. But you can schedule reading a single page of the Quran after five times prayer in the day. You will always have a prayer schedule in your colleges and universities. You can easily add a fifteen-minute lot after every prayer to read from the Holy Quran. If you can still vacate fifteen minutes after every prayer, you surely can quickly learn a single page of the Quran only after fajr & isha prayers. These are the prayers time when the students are free from their classes.

Challenge Recitation Everyday

Humans put their best efforts when they are challenged. It is introductory human psychology. Why not challenge yourself to read Quran every day?. You should challenge yourself that you won't spend any day without reading the Holy Quran under any circumstances. This is a highly productive approach, and you will indeed receive the most favourable results in this strategy.


Labels Daily Alarms with Recitation

Setting alarms at reasonable times of day is another productive Quran reading approach. However, you can do that is taking care of the psychological effects. Psychologists believe that humans find the urge to do the tasks when labelling their alarms with their names. Therefore you should mark your Quran reading alarms with recitation time every day. Whenever the alarms sound with the Quran name, you will be more energetic to read the Quran.


Add Recitation in To-do lists

If you don't like the idea of alarms, you can switch to other reminder options on your mobile phones, like to-do lists. People who want to work according to to-do lists would update their tasks on it daily. You can schedule your Quran reading in the lists every day too.


Make Quran Reciting Partner

You can make a partner in reciting Holy Quran. Partner can be your close friend or classmate you don't miss meeting with every day. If you aren't that social, you can pair your Quran reading with your brother or spouse. If this doesn't apply to your case, you can even select a child as a recitation partner. A child who is learning the Quran will be more interested in repeating it with you. You can find this opportunity to schedule your Quran reading with children or friends.


Understand Quran Verses Everyday

Understanding Quran is a great blessing. You should try to understand the verses you have been reading for a while. If you get to know the poems, you will be more interested to learn them by heart. Although it is not a compulsion, it will lead to the best understanding of the Quran and recitation every day.

Listen Quran if you don't like Reading

If you are not much of a reader, you have the listening option. Holy Quran is the most read, recorded, and translated book. You will find the best recitations of the Holy Quran everywhere on the internet. Just Google the audio version of the Quran chapter, and it will be downloaded to your cellphones in moments. Holy Quran is also available on Sound cloud and podcasts. You can listen to the holy Quran when you cannot read it. You can choose from the many recitation versions and download the one you feel is more attractive for listening purposes.


Schedule Online Quran Learning

You can schedule your Quran learning class with us. We teach Quran flexibly at your selected schedule. It is beneficial to learn Quran from the best Quran reciters and tutors. All of our Quran tutors are highly experienced in Quran tutoring. You will find their recitation styles beautiful and engaging for learning. We select tutors that have won many prizes in international competitions. These learning opportunities are available at the most affordable charges on our platform.


Make Prayer to Allah Almighty 

Allah almighty encourages praying for his guidance in every task. Learning the Quran is the most sacred task, and you should start this process by praying to the Almighty. You should ask for Almighty's help in reading and understanding the Quran every day. This will undoubtedly lead to Allah's help in reading Holy Quran every day.


Holy Quran is the eternal source of guidance in this world and hereafter. We are so fortunate that we can earn numerous rewards just by reciting Holy Quran. We must not skip following this source of guidance in our daily life. You can follow our designed schedule to keep your binding with Holy Quran.


Can I Recite Quran in My Language?

Can I Recite Quran in My Language?

Can I Recite Quran in My Language?

Can I Recite Quran in My Language?


Holy Quran is being recited by billions of Muslims today. Indeed, Holy Quran is also the most translated book of the World. Most Muslims don’t understand Arabic very much today. Generally, the typical way of reciting the Holy Quran for non-natives is to first learn Arabic basics and then recite Holy Quran. For thorough understanding, people learn from the translated versions in the next stage.


You might be thinking to why not read Quran from the translated version. It would lead to better understanding for everyone. Let us have a look at this point of view below:


Authenticity of Translation

Learning Quran in your own language will lead to a thorough understanding of verses. But the real problem is the authenticity of the translation. Are you one hundred percent sure that translation is perfect in all aspects? This is not possible in the case of translating from Arabic.


The meanings of one Arabic word can be countless. The language is very rich in vocabulary and in fact, many other languages are derived from this primary language. It is extremely difficult to translate each and every Arabic word exactly in true context to different languages.


The other important point is the expertise of translators in the Arabic language. Translators should have profound knowledge of Arabic grammar & vocabulary for perfect translations into other languages. If they commit a mistake in interpreting the Quran verse, they would translate it wrongly to their language.


Translation can lead to the change of meanings and contexts if the translator does not have a profound grip on both the original and translated languages.

It is therefore a fair chance of errors in translated versions of the Holy Quran.


Reading of Holy Quran  

Translated versions are allowed for the understanding of the meanings of verses. Of course, repeating words without knowing the meaning would not help in understanding. It is quite a pious intention to understand Quran verse by verse. The Holy Book has guidance for all mankind in every dimension of life. The guidance and awareness can only be availed if you truly understand what is being said in verses.


Self-understanding is also a lot beneficial because you cannot be misguided by others. Incompetent religious scholars can interpret wrong meanings of verses and we might be using the same interpretations for quite a long since we don’t understand the language of the verses.


However, it is recommended to follow two or three best-translated versions to understand the difference in translations at a few points. You must know that interpretation of verses is as per the scholar’s understanding of the verse. Different scholars may write down different translations as per their understandings. You can therefore match and contradict different translated versions to form the grounds for a final authentic understanding of Quranic verses.

You must remember that every scholar translates Quran as per their knowledge, research, and understanding levels of the Holy Quran.


Recitation Of Holy Quran

Quran can only be beautifully recited in Arabic tajweed. Only the original language of the Holy Quran has immense impacts on our hearts. The rewards on reciting each word of the Holy Quran apply to only the original language and not to translated versions. But still, it is not prohibited to read from translated versions for one’s understanding of verses. However, recitation of the Holy Quran has true essence only when it is recited in the original Arabic language.



There is no harm in reading Quran from translated versions. But a recitation of the Holy Quran should follow the recitation style of the Holy Prophet. All the rewards & blessings on reciting Holy Quran are linked only to the original Arabic language. You must recite Holy Quran in the original language to avoid making an error in the perfect understanding of Quranic verses.


The recitation of the Quran should follow the recitation of Prophet PBUH that was in the Arabic language. It is only the way that blessings of the Holy Book can be sought from Allah Almighty. The beautiful & powerful effects of the Holy Quran are only applicable to the most original language. However, one can follow authentic translated versions for the understanding of the context of verses.


Quran Software or One-to-One Quran Classes? Which is better learning method?

Quran Software or One-to-One Quran Classes? Which is better learning method?

Quran Software or One-to-One Quran Classes? Which is better learning method?

Quran Software or One-to-One Quran Classes? Which is better learning method?


Most parents find it hard to select the suitable Quran teaching method for their children. Online learning is now the most demanded method of the 21st century. Remote learning addresses parents' health & safety concerns and offers a lot more convenience. However, online forms are vast and varied. We will be discussing a comparison of online Quran learning from software with one-to-one tutoring services.


Customized Learning method

Every student has different struggles. Some might be good with tajweed but find it hard to memorize the Quran. At the same time, others may be good with memorization but are stuck with Tajweed. The pre-designed software don't know these change in learning behaviors. These software follow a standard course design for everyone. But children need more specific learning methods to suit their needs and styles. This is only possible through one-to-one tutoring sessions where a teacher follows focus teaching methods for every student. 


More Interactive learning 

Learning Quran needs a thorough understanding of linguistics. You need to have a good knowledge of Quranic vocabulary as well. A pre-designed software will cover up the chapters with the standard flow of the lessons. Children may feel discouraged when they proceed to bit complex concepts since there is no one to help them with these chapters.

On the other hand, one-to-one tutoring services offer much more than that. A teacher keeps track of students' learning capacity and lack of interest. Online tutors use many engaging activities like fun activities, quizzes and questioning sessions to keep children involved throughout their learning phases. 


Real-time Support

The Quran software doesn't help much when you are stuck at something. Most of these software don't have real-time support to answer your questions. If you have a question while learning tajweed, you don't have any way to ask your questions to these software. In the best software, you might get an option to raise your query through email, but it might take days to get your answer back. Even if you have been lucky to receive replies, you won't know its authenticity.


On the other hand, questioning & answering is instantaneous through one-to-one online tutoring sessions. You can raise your question anytime and get your answers from your teacher on the spot. There is no waiting period involved. Further, the authenticity is ensured because your online teacher would have loads of experience teaching Quran. They would be happy to share the sources of their statements with you. 


Faster Learning Technique

Some children learn fast through visuals, while others learn through notes. The software doesn't provide a customized approach here. It would offer the same set of designed lessons whether you are a visual or aural learner. This affects the learning pace of many students as they get stuck due to these learning barriers.


One-to-one tutoring is all about the customized learning approach. Students don't have to understand the teaching styles they don't like. One-to-one tutor designs the teaching sessions as per the learning ability of their students. If a student desires to learn through visuals, the tutor will create the visually based teaching sessions. This increases the speed of Quran learning for students.


Motivational & Accountable method 

The software doesn't motivate you to learn the Quran every day. Students may be enthusiastic about learning from the software but lose interest levels with time. This is because there is no proper schedule for learning from it. Further, the software doesn't ask you the questions from the previous lessons to check your progress so far.


One to one tutoring is a terrific accountable learning method. An online tutor would be asking you questions from the previous lessons every time. These can’t be ignored as your teacher would like to know your answers every time. If they feel you aren't getting much, they will be happy to change their teaching methods in the future. 


Practical Explanations 

A student should know the guidance of the Holy Quran to gain full benefits. A Quran software is just a designed teaching method that cannot offer its services more than that. However, a personalized Quran tutor would be happy to teach you the background of every Quran surah. They will be glad to present real-life scenarios for the teachings of the Holy Quran.


It will be beneficial for students to know the essential principle of the Islamic way of life. Students will learn to become better Muslims by practicing Quran in their lives. 


There is no alternative for one-to-one Quran learning. This is the only method that takes care of your learning styles and preferences.