Quran Software or One-to-One Quran Classes? Which is better learning method?

Quran Software or One-to-One Quran Classes? Which is better learning method?


Most parents find it hard to select the suitable Quran teaching method for their children. Online learning is now the most demanded method of the 21st century. Remote learning addresses parents’ health & safety concerns and offers a lot more convenience. However, online forms are vast and varied. We will be discussing a comparison of online Quran learning from software with one-to-one tutoring services.


Customized Learning method

Every student has different struggles. Some might be good with tajweed but find it hard to memorize the Quran. At the same time, others may be good with memorization but are stuck with Tajweed. The pre-designed software don’t know these change in learning behaviors. These software follow a standard course design for everyone. But children need more specific learning methods to suit their needs and styles. This is only possible through one-to-one tutoring sessions where a teacher follows focus teaching methods for every student. 


More Interactive learning 

Learning Quran needs a thorough understanding of linguistics. You need to have a good knowledge of Quranic vocabulary as well. A pre-designed software will cover up the chapters with the standard flow of the lessons. Children may feel discouraged when they proceed to bit complex concepts since there is no one to help them with these chapters.

On the other hand, one-to-one tutoring services offer much more than that. A teacher keeps track of students’ learning capacity and lack of interest. Online tutors use many engaging activities like fun activities, quizzes and questioning sessions to keep children involved throughout their learning phases. 


Real-time Support

The Quran software doesn’t help much when you are stuck at something. Most of these software don’t have real-time support to answer your questions. If you have a question while learning tajweed, you don’t have any way to ask your questions to these software. In the best software, you might get an option to raise your query through email, but it might take days to get your answer back. Even if you have been lucky to receive replies, you won’t know its authenticity.


On the other hand, questioning & answering is instantaneous through one-to-one online tutoring sessions. You can raise your question anytime and get your answers from your teacher on the spot. There is no waiting period involved. Further, the authenticity is ensured because your online teacher would have loads of experience teaching Quran. They would be happy to share the sources of their statements with you. 


Faster Learning Technique

Some children learn fast through visuals, while others learn through notes. The software doesn’t provide a customized approach here. It would offer the same set of designed lessons whether you are a visual or aural learner. This affects the learning pace of many students as they get stuck due to these learning barriers.


One-to-one tutoring is all about the customized learning approach. Students don’t have to understand the teaching styles they don’t like. One-to-one tutor designs the teaching sessions as per the learning ability of their students. If a student desires to learn through visuals, the tutor will create the visually based teaching sessions. This increases the speed of Quran learning for students.


Motivational & Accountable method 

The software doesn’t motivate you to learn the Quran every day. Students may be enthusiastic about learning from the software but lose interest levels with time. This is because there is no proper schedule for learning from it. Further, the software doesn’t ask you the questions from the previous lessons to check your progress so far.


One to one tutoring is a terrific accountable learning method. An online tutor would be asking you questions from the previous lessons every time. These can’t be ignored as your teacher would like to know your answers every time. If they feel you aren’t getting much, they will be happy to change their teaching methods in the future. 


Practical Explanations 

A student should know the guidance of the Holy Quran to gain full benefits. A Quran software is just a designed teaching method that cannot offer its services more than that. However, a personalized Quran tutor would be happy to teach you the background of every Quran surah. They will be glad to present real-life scenarios for the teachings of the Holy Quran.


It will be beneficial for students to know the essential principle of the Islamic way of life. Students will learn to become better Muslims by practicing Quran in their lives. 


There is no alternative for one-to-one Quran learning. This is the only method that takes care of your learning styles and preferences.