Tafseer of Quran

Why Should I Learn Tafseer?

Tafseer is the specialized understanding approach of the Holy Quran. Living the Islamic way of life is dependent on the understanding of the meanings of the Holy Quran. To understand the meaning of every word deep down to its accurate message, the knowledge of Tafseer principles is vital.

Most Muslims want to grasp the perfect understanding of Quranic verses along with the right background. However, it is not easy to understand the deeper meanings when you are not familiar with the language. Tafseer books help a lot in such situations. These books are written by language experts, proficient Muslim scholars, and history experts to give a complete understanding to first-time readers. 

Tafseer books also help readers with exclusive backgrounds of every verse. This not only helps them to understand every verse to accurate meanings but they have an explicit knowledge of scenarios and times in which the specific verses were revealed to the Prophet (PBUH).

Putting efforts to understand Deen is a great rewarding deed and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned: “He to whom Allah intends to do well is given by Allah an understanding of religion.” (Jamia Tirmizi Vol2, Hadees# 554)

How Would Learning Tafseer Help Me?

Learning Tafseer not only broadens one’s knowledge of deen to true essence but it provides a more crisp understanding of Allah’s message in the Holy Quran. After learning Tafseer, one can easily understand:

  1. Complexities of message in verses
  2. Answers every question about Deen
  3. Significance of every verse to revelation time, scenario, place, and Islamic era & specific problems of that time. 
  4. Understanding of Tafseer ensure complete implementation of the Islamic way of life with accurate religious knowledge.

What are Online Tafseer Courses?

Online Tafseer courses from expert scholars ensure the proper understanding of religion without physical boundaries. Various online scholars follow the versatile Tafseer books to deliver accurate knowledge of the Holy Quran to students worldwide. Online Tafseer courses are equally effective for beginners as well as researchers who are studying advanced academic degrees at universities. 

The online Tafseer course not only provides deeper meanings but also delivers the intensity of commands of Allah Almighty during different Islamic movements. This course can also be used as a prerequisite to becoming a Quranic scholar. The course would build up the strong foundations of a deeper understanding of the Holy Quran.

How to enroll in Tafseer Course?

Tafseer is the understanding of every verse of the Holy Quran through different angles. It is the more profound science that highlights the purpose of every word and every verse in connection with its message and significance for Muslims. 

Tafseer online courses are available for everyone without any discrimination of age or gender. However, it needs more effort from students to understand it completely. We recommend that our students have a sincere intention to learn the deeper meaning of the Holy Quran. Children should have already learned the recitation of the Quran so they can step further to understand deeper meanings through the Tafseer of the Quran. 

How to find Tafseer tutors online?

Our Tafseer tutors are certified scholars and authors who have mainly attained the advanced levels of Quran education in their academic careers. Most of our teachers have the brightest scholarly achievements in the field of Quranic research. Our online Tafseer course is held through one-to-one sessions with every student. In this way, we ensure that we provide the most pleasing learning experience with the highest attention levels to each of our students. Our both female & male tutors ensure that Tafseer education is delivered to every gender in complete confidence. We have developed & designed the Tafseer courses as per the understanding level of every student regardless of their age

What would I learn in online Tafseer Course?

Online Tafseer course by QuraOnline is divided into different levels, and variations for ease of learning, and the curriculum includes:

Our curriculum is designed to start from the basics. We have ensured that the engagement levels of our students remain throughout our lessons. The slower increase of difficulty levels in lessons has made learning Tafseer quite an easy job.

Have a look at how our Tafseer course progresses with planned lessons: 

· Basics of Quran

· Basics of Tafseer

· Features of the Quran

· Recitation and Memorization Basics

· Comparison of Quran Features with Previous Holy Books

· Quran in the era of Sahabah

· Basics about ta’awwuz and tasmiyah.

· Meaning of verses

· Revelation times of verses

· Understanding of Allah Commands

· Significance of commands

· Versions of Tafsir to date

· Ahaadis Interpretation

· Explanation of verses

Our Tafseer course does not only help in understanding theoretical concepts of Islam but also explains the ideology of the Islamic way of life from the very beginning of Islam. The complete understanding of Allah’s command ensure that how far we are practicing the correct values of our Deen in our daily lives.