10 Ways to Make Quran Learning Interesting for Children

10 Ways to Make Quran Learning Interesting for Children


One of the strongest wishes of Muslim parents is to see their children becoming the hafiz of the Quran. But teaching Quran to young children isn’t a straightforward task. You would have to follow an intelligent approach, so your children don’t end up losing interest in learning the Quran midway. It depends a lot on your child’s learning style and engagement. We are sharing some valuable tips to keep your children motivated to learn Holy Quran.


Read Quran Stories to Kids

Allah Almighty has mentioned stories of Prophets and their people in the Holy Quran. Parents should start the teaching by telling the stories first. Kids are more interested in listening to stories, so why not start with the valuable accounts of the Holy Quran. Quran stories are full of lessons, and they also depict the downfall of nations who disobeyed the commands of the Almighty. These stories will induce interest in children, and they would want to hear more of the Quran stories.


Recite Quran to Kids

Listening to Holy Quran has tremendous effects on hearts. Parents should recite Holy Quran to their kids so they develop an attachment with the Holy Book. Parents must recite accurately without making errors of tajweed. Reciting Holy Quran to kids without following the proper tajweed rules would not develop the perfect interests of children. Quran should be recited in the most beautiful rhythms, so children get interested in copying the recitation styles.


Encourage Reciting from Child’s Copy

After you have recited Holy Quran many times to your children, you should encourage them to select their own Quran copy. However, you should not expect them to start reading the verses keenly. Of course, it would be the first time that they would see Arabic verses in their life. It is best to recite a page of the Holy Quran for them. A suitable method is to ask them to repeat the verses from the Holy Book after you. The next step is to ask your child to copy & write the verse on their paper so that they get more & more familiar with Quran Arabic this way.


Teach Meanings Of Verses

After listening & reciting exercises, it is pretty beneficial to tell children what they have been reading in the verses. You can start to translate a few verses for their understanding. They should know that they have been reciting the words of Almighty, and these are commands directly from Allah Almighty. However, you should select the brief verses first for translations and those that can be easily understandable by little ones. It would be best if you did not start with the verse linked to previous contexts and require a deep & thorough understanding of the background.


Keep Children Motivated

Encouragement is essential throughout the learning process. If you haven’t been working on the motivation perspectives, your child might lose interest in Holy Quran. Motivation comes from rewarding your child for finishing up every surah. You must show your highest interests in their learning process to feel valued in learning Quran. Please don’t force your children to recite every day, but you should let them follow their own learning pace.


Don’t Force Speedy Learning.

Anyone who puts effort to learn Quran, Almighty has promised to make the learning process relatively easy for interested ones. Parents should not ask their children to recite or memorize for extended hours as this would only look boring to children.


Statistics suggest that young children can focus for almost twenty minutes long. It is essential to restrict Quran sessions to not more than this period. Forcing children to learn for extended hours will only make them feel disheartened in the learning process.


Make Learning Activities

Building activity for learning Quran is never a bad idea. Children learn things more attentively when they involve some engaging activities. You can schedule a finding Ayah activity after a recitation session. You can ask your child to find an Ayah that you are reciting from the chapter of the Holy Quran. It is also better to reward them with their favorite candy if they can find the Ayah in a brief time. These activities will make them feel energetic during the learning process.


Suit Your Child’s Temperament

You must know your child’s temperament. Quran learning should follow their learning style. It is vital to understand your child’s learning behavior when scheduling the learning strategy for children. The productive approach is to start teaching Quran in very gradual steps in early childhood. It would be best if you tried to introduce them with some letters of Noorani Qaida at the age of five. After some months, you should encourage them to write some words of Arabic on paper. Similarly, the next step would be to pronounce a few Arabic alphabets. This will be a gradual & effective interest in developing the process for the best learning of the Holy Quran.


If you have successfully developed the proper interest in Holy Quran in your children at their early stages, the process would be pretty easy ahead. It would be your most outstanding achievement to see your child learn & memorize Quran by heart.