Parents Can Do to Help their Child during Memorization

What Parents Can Do to Help their Child during Memorization


Seeing your child putting in efforts to become hafiz is a true blessing. Of course, parents of hafiz have a great reward from Allah Almighty at Akhirah. It is such a pious wish that every Muslim parent has deep in their hearts.


However, sometimes things don’t go well and your child becomes discouraged due to memorization difficulties. Being a parent, you can help your child a lot during the memorization process. It is best to choose online Quran memorization as it is the most focused Quran learning approach. Parents still need to take care of many factors when their child is putting in efforts to memorize Quran online.


1) Take Care of Child’s Interest

You should not impose your wish on your children. Although it is one of the most pious wishes to see your children become hafiz still it should not go beyond their interests. Your child may wish to become the expert reciter or Qari while you may be pushing them only to become Hafiz. In some cases, children might only be learning Quran with translation. You can try to create their interests towards hafiz but still, it should not only be the way to learn Quran.


2) Hire Reliable Quran Tutor

Memorization isn’t that hard if you learn from the right tutor. Your child can visit a mosque to learn from the prayer leaders or they can learn online from one of our finest Quran tutors. Our online sessions are all based on one-to-one Quran tutoring sessions without any distractions. Children can learn online without stepping out of their homes.


3) Keeping Track of Attendance

You should be checking on your child’s attendance regularly. If you have hired the best Quran tutor while your child is missing most of the classes, it is not worth it. You are losing your money while your child is losing the harmony of the continual learning process. Attending some classes while skipping others breaks the memorization & learning potentials of students. It is better to ring up the Quran tutor often to get to know your child’s attendance.


4) Take Care of Diet

A healthy diet is required for a healthy mind. Quran learning will be faster for children with strong memories than the weaker ones. It is all dependent on their diet. Usually, food enriched with vitamins and fatty acids helps build up the memory muscles in children. You can add food items like fish, nuts & eggs to your children’s diet to help them learn faster.


5) Don’t Overburden Your Child

It is good to start memorizing Quran before school age. In this way, the two learning processes would not overlap. However, in most cases, children go to school in day time while learning Quran in the evening from Quran tutors. It can build up stress in minds of children if they are being overburdened.


It is best to consult your online Quran tutor to know the participation level of your children. If they are reported to be exhausted, you must try to choose a more relaxed & easy going learning schedule for your children.


6) Know Your Child’s Progress

You must be very keen to know your child’s progress reports. They might not be doing best in online classes and need your support. You should consult their Quran tutor quarterly or weekly to get to know their struggles in learning Quran. You should try to talk to them about learning Quran and their difficulties. It is better to understand their problems and find out solutions than to leave them without being noticed.


7) Discuss Problems with Child

You must be open to your kids to talk about their problems. You should ask them often about their issues and activities. This is rather more crucial when the kid is learning Quran. They might be facing too many issues at a time. If you don’t have a habit to talk to your child often, you would probably know their problems. There are fair chances that your child might not be liking the Quran classes scheduled right after school or might not be following the learning style of their teachers. You should get to know their issues and find a way to solve them.


8) Keep Your Child Motivated

Due to parallel schooling along with hifz, your child may give up in the midway of memorization. You must keep them motivated before they decide to do so. You can request their Quran tutor to slow down their pace so that the child can easily memorize & learn what is being taught. A good amount of motivation in the memorization process is all the student needs to keep putting efforts towards the completion of hifz.


9) Set Rewards on Milestones

Rewarding acts as a great motivator for children. You should try to reward your children when they achieve small milestones in memorization. Rewards can be small like their favorite food or snacks. It would help them keep motivated to achieve the next memorization targets. The children will keep pushing them forward towards hifz.


10) Don’t Force High Expectations

Most parents set very high expectations for their children. Some Parents may force them to reach those expectations without knowing their problems. Parents should set realistic expectations and should not try to push hard on their children if they are making a slow pace towards it.


In the memorizing journey, parents often expect their children to do their best. However, children might be facing their own problems in keeping track of their memories. It is best to appreciate them even for memorization of small Surah so they don’t feel discouraged on being unable to meet your high expectations.