Rights of Quran

What are the Rights of the Holy Quran?

Rights of Quran

What are the Rights of the Holy Quran?

Holy Quran is the complete guide for Muslims all over the world. It guides every sphere of life. Muslims have to accept the ruling of the Quran to be accepted into Islam. However, Holy Book has certain rights on every Muslim. Allah Almighty has enlisted rights of the Quran just like any other living being. 

The rights of the Holy Quran are divided into five major categories:

Acceptance of Quran’s Message:

A Muslim cannot enter into Islam without a firm belief in Holy Quran. Quran is the holy book brought by Allah’s angel Jibrael to Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the guidance of Muslims. Just like Faith in Islam is the first pre-requisite for every Muslim, the faith of the words of Allah in the Holy Quran is a compulsion. Muslims are required to obey the teaching of the Holy Quran throughout their lives, along with Sunnah. 

Reciting the Quran with Tajweed:

Holy Quran should not be read casually like an ordinary book. It has Allah’s commands and guidance for Muslims. It needs to be recited as per the proper linguistic rules called Tajweed. You cannot pronounce, intonate or articulate words if you do not follow Tajweed in reciting Quran. Apart from Tajweed, Quran should only be recited in wudhu. It should be also be kept high in a clean place as it is not an ordinary book but are the direct words of Allah Almighty.

Understanding the Message of the Quran:

Quran demands that Muslims should understand its teaching and implement them in their lives. One best way for starters is to learn the Tafseer of the Quran to understand its true meaning. You can enrol with our online Tafseer courses for one-to-one Tafseer teaching sessions with our expert tutors. Quran Tafseer has been written in many volumes by expert scholars from the very beginning of Islamic reign. These books are widely present, but it may be hard to understand them at first glance. You can get help from our online Tafseer tutors for teaching you the best Tafseer lessons designed following these Tafseer books.

Application of teachings of Quran:

Holy Quran demands its teachings to be accepted and practiced in lifestyles. If you are reciting it daily and will not accept the teachings, you are violating the rights of the Holy Quran. Allah's commands should be readily applied to every sphere of life. If you are a parent, you should practice being successful parents directed in the Holy Quran. If you are a student, you should follow the rulings of the Quran in your academics and your daily routine too. This is only possible when you understand the message of the Quran. 

You can understand Quran by using accredited translations in your native languages. It is good to have an exact understanding through learning Tafseer online that can be quickly done from the comfort of homes at our platform.

Spreading Quran’s Message:

Muslims are also demanded to spread the teaching of the Quran to everyone. If you find someone who does not understand the teachings of the Quran or does not have access to the Quran, you must spread the Quran message to them. Parents should message of holy Quran to their children who do not have much understanding of Quran rulings. Similarly, Quran students should spread its message to others who are learning Quran. The ideology of Islam is to convey the message but not to force it on anyone. 

Islam was spread on similar principles. Prophet Muhammad SAW made sure that the message of the Holy Quran was conveyed to the people of His times. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) even faced hardships and travelled far flong to spread the Holy Quran message to everyone.

We must know and understand the above rights of the Holy Quran upon us. Quran is the perfect guide that should be recited, understood, and applied as per the correct principles and rights directed by Allah Almighty.


Memorizing Quran Through Skyp and Zoom Online

Can I Learn & Memorize Quran Online?

kid learning Quran through skype and zoom

Can I Learn & Memorize Quran Online?

Learning & memorizing Quran is essential to perform Salah. Every Muslim must memorize a part of it to offer five times prayer & use verses in Dua. Memorizing the whole Quran is the most rewarding deed in Akhirah. However, it is not a compulsion for every Muslim to memorize every verse.

Learning the recitation of the Quran with the right Arabic language rules needs proper guidance from the right experts. You don’t have to look for the best Quran tutors outside when you can learn from the comfort of your homes.

How is memorizing the Quran online easier?

Learning Holy Quran might not look like an easy job to many children. Being Muslims, it is mostly our wish that our kids memorize the whole Quran as it is the highest rewarding deed by Allah Almighty.

Learning is quite easy when you follow your flexible schedule. You don’t have to attend regular classes and visit your tutors. You just have to go online with one of our friendly Quran tutors and lessons would feel like a piece of cake.

With COVID restrictions worldwide, it is harder to arrange home tutors while online tutoring works perfectly fine even in the strict lockdowns. Our Quran tutors are the most proficient in teaching Holy Quran worldwide.

See what our online Quran memorization classes offer to your children:

Easy Learning Strategy

Holy Quran has thirty divisions and one hundred fourteen chapters. Memorizing the Holy Quran without proper planning may take a lot of time and effort. Our tutors follow the child learning approach for regular memorizing classes. We adjust with the learning manner of our students regardless of age. Our designed memorizing sessions are tailored to the learning capacity of the younger children as well as we have extended memorizing sessions for grown-up kids. We ensure that our memorizing sessions are well planned as per the concentration capacity of our students.

Memorizing Quran Forever

It is one of the unforgivable sins to forget the Holy Quran after completely memorizing it. Our religion emphasizes not only memorization of the Holy Quran but also remembering it forever. Therefore it is critically important to follow the structured strategy of refreshing the memorization of the Quran so the children don’t forget it later in their lives.

Our experts follow the easygoing approaches to help memorize Holy Quran to our students. These approaches are evergreen and long-term based to keep the memorization intact during the entire course of lives of our students.

Constant Feedback & Encouragement

Our friendly Quran tutors provide constant feedback and encouragement to our memorizing students. This helps them a lot to understand how far they are putting their efforts into the memorization of the Holy Quran. Our teachers also highlight the student weak areas from time to time and provide them with the strategy of how to fix them. Some students might find it hard to memorize certain chapters due to longer verses and feel disappointed. Our tutors provide them with clues to how to keep track of the last verse and join them with upcoming verses so in this way they can keep the flow of verses in memory where they get stuck.

Smart & Fast Memorizing Approaches 

Quran memorization becomes a hard job when you start without any planned strategy. We design engaging learning and memorizing online class sessions that not only make Holy Quran quite easy to learn and memorize but our students mostly end up memorizing the Quran in very brief periods.

Affordable Online Learning

Our Quran online classes are the most affordable and offer a lot more than a single one-to-one Quran tutoring session. You save a big amount of money while your children have access to the most qualified tutors, the planned memorization strategy, constant feedback, and round-the-clock tutoring support from the comfort of homes.

Flexible Learning

Learning new things doesn’t feel easy to most children. But Flexibility in learning breaks this mental illusion. Learning is most effective when you set your schedules. Our students can make up an agreement with our tutors in the first meeting to select the most appropriate time slot. Most children are often retarded after school and can’t learn again in the evening. This is equally applicable for adults too who spend their whole day at work and can’t learn until they get a sound sleep of a few hours. We encourage our tutors to fit in the most convenient time slots of our students so learning doesn’t feel any harder to them.

Efficient Memorization

Our tutors don’t only teach efficient memorization to children but they deliver the right pronunciation rules of Tajweed. Principles of Tajweed ensure that each word of the Holy Quran is pronounced correctly as per the language rules. We ensure that your children are memorizing as per the pronunciation rules & Tajweed principles.