Can I Recite Quran in My Language?

Can I Recite Quran in My Language?

Can I Recite Quran in My Language?

Can I Recite Quran in My Language?


Holy Quran is being recited by billions of Muslims today. Indeed, Holy Quran is also the most translated book of the World. Most Muslims don’t understand Arabic very much today. Generally, the typical way of reciting the Holy Quran for non-natives is to first learn Arabic basics and then recite Holy Quran. For thorough understanding, people learn from the translated versions in the next stage.


You might be thinking to why not read Quran from the translated version. It would lead to better understanding for everyone. Let us have a look at this point of view below:


Authenticity of Translation

Learning Quran in your own language will lead to a thorough understanding of verses. But the real problem is the authenticity of the translation. Are you one hundred percent sure that translation is perfect in all aspects? This is not possible in the case of translating from Arabic.


The meanings of one Arabic word can be countless. The language is very rich in vocabulary and in fact, many other languages are derived from this primary language. It is extremely difficult to translate each and every Arabic word exactly in true context to different languages.


The other important point is the expertise of translators in the Arabic language. Translators should have profound knowledge of Arabic grammar & vocabulary for perfect translations into other languages. If they commit a mistake in interpreting the Quran verse, they would translate it wrongly to their language.


Translation can lead to the change of meanings and contexts if the translator does not have a profound grip on both the original and translated languages.

It is therefore a fair chance of errors in translated versions of the Holy Quran.


Reading of Holy Quran  

Translated versions are allowed for the understanding of the meanings of verses. Of course, repeating words without knowing the meaning would not help in understanding. It is quite a pious intention to understand Quran verse by verse. The Holy Book has guidance for all mankind in every dimension of life. The guidance and awareness can only be availed if you truly understand what is being said in verses.


Self-understanding is also a lot beneficial because you cannot be misguided by others. Incompetent religious scholars can interpret wrong meanings of verses and we might be using the same interpretations for quite a long since we don’t understand the language of the verses.


However, it is recommended to follow two or three best-translated versions to understand the difference in translations at a few points. You must know that interpretation of verses is as per the scholar’s understanding of the verse. Different scholars may write down different translations as per their understandings. You can therefore match and contradict different translated versions to form the grounds for a final authentic understanding of Quranic verses.

You must remember that every scholar translates Quran as per their knowledge, research, and understanding levels of the Holy Quran.


Recitation Of Holy Quran

Quran can only be beautifully recited in Arabic tajweed. Only the original language of the Holy Quran has immense impacts on our hearts. The rewards on reciting each word of the Holy Quran apply to only the original language and not to translated versions. But still, it is not prohibited to read from translated versions for one’s understanding of verses. However, recitation of the Holy Quran has true essence only when it is recited in the original Arabic language.



There is no harm in reading Quran from translated versions. But a recitation of the Holy Quran should follow the recitation style of the Holy Prophet. All the rewards & blessings on reciting Holy Quran are linked only to the original Arabic language. You must recite Holy Quran in the original language to avoid making an error in the perfect understanding of Quranic verses.


The recitation of the Quran should follow the recitation of Prophet PBUH that was in the Arabic language. It is only the way that blessings of the Holy Book can be sought from Allah Almighty. The beautiful & powerful effects of the Holy Quran are only applicable to the most original language. However, one can follow authentic translated versions for the understanding of the context of verses.


What are the five Rewards for Reciting Holy Quran?

What are the five Rewards for Reciting Holy Quran?

What are the five Rewards for Reciting Holy Quran?

What are the five Rewards for Reciting Holy Quran?


Holy Quran is the most sacred book of Muslims. It is the way of life demanded by Allah Almighty. The book guides every sphere of life—the results of good deeds and wrong deeds in Akhirah. We must read Holy Quran and seek guidance from it. Apart from understanding the teachings of the Holy Quran, Allah Almighty has attached limitless rewards on just reading the verses of the Holy Quran. We will be going through the five rewards of reading the Quran here.


Advocate on Judgment Day

Holy Quran rewards its readers on the day of Akhirah. This is one of the greatest rewards of just reading the verses of the Holy Quran. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that the Holy Quran would become our advocate on judgment for the reciters. The words of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are: “Read the Quran because it will become your arbitrator on the day of Judgment. This hadith has been recorded in Sahih Muslim.


Calmness of Heart

Allah Almighty has placed immense powers in the verses of the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty asks us to read the Holy Quran because it is the only way towards inner calmness. Most of us feel depressed in our daily life. This is because we aren’t reading Quran. We have become so busy in our robotic life that we don’t have any time to recite Holy Quran daily. This leads to stress and psychological problems. The only solution is reciting the Holy Quran because it brings peace to the heart.


A solution to Every Problem

Holy Quran covers every aspect of our life problems. There isn’t an issue that has not been addressed in Holy Quran. From personal life to social obligations and business ethics, we will find complete guidance from Almighty. We are stuck in our lives because we don’t take help from Quran in our daily life issues. We must seek guidance from the Almighty through Holy Quran to solve all our problems.


Direct Communication with Almighty

Have you thought of talking to Almighty? This is possible through reciting Holy Quran. Almighty communicates with us through Holy Quran. So if you want to talk to Allah Almighty, it is possible through Holy Quran. Allah Almighty is a great way to communicate with Almighty and learn about Almighty commands and rulings. It is the biggest source of guidance directly from Allah Almighty.


Ten Rewards for Reciting Each Letter

You can earn numerous rewards by reading a single verse. Allah Almighty has attached ten rewards on reading every letter of the Holy Quran. You can think of numerous counts on rewards on the verses and unlimited on finishing a complete surah. Earning rewards is so easy with reciting Holy Quran.


These ten rewards are multiplied many times on special sacred nights of the year. One such night is a night of Qadr that occurs on the 27th of Ramadan every year. The reward gets multiplied by one thousand times.

Earning rewards is so much easy when you have Holy Quran. We can earn blessings daily by reciting just a single page of the Holy Quran daily.



Holy Quran has immense benefits for Muslims. The Holy Book is the complete source of guidance to lead a successful life and earn rewards on judgment day. The verses are so powerful that it affects the hearts of everyone and cures every disease. There are numerous rewards attached to the only recitation of the Holy Quran. We must recite Quran daily to remain guided towards the right path.


Our online Quran tutoring platform makes it easy to learn Quran by heart. We teach every aspect of the Holy Quran to our students in the most engaging manner. Our online Quran tutoring services are available in learning Quran recitation, understanding tajweed, and Tafseer. All of these online courses can be availed of at any time. You can join a few classes completely free of cost at the beginning of every course. 


Let us understand Quran completely and make it our way of life as it is the most authentic source of guidance directly from Allah Almighty.


Parents Can Do to Help their Child during Memorization

What Parents Can Do to Help their Child during Memorization

Parents Can Do to Help their Child during Memorization

What Parents Can Do to Help their Child during Memorization


Seeing your child putting in efforts to become hafiz is a true blessing. Of course, parents of hafiz have a great reward from Allah Almighty at Akhirah. It is such a pious wish that every Muslim parent has deep in their hearts.


However, sometimes things don’t go well and your child becomes discouraged due to memorization difficulties. Being a parent, you can help your child a lot during the memorization process. It is best to choose online Quran memorization as it is the most focused Quran learning approach. Parents still need to take care of many factors when their child is putting in efforts to memorize Quran online.


1) Take Care of Child’s Interest

You should not impose your wish on your children. Although it is one of the most pious wishes to see your children become hafiz still it should not go beyond their interests. Your child may wish to become the expert reciter or Qari while you may be pushing them only to become Hafiz. In some cases, children might only be learning Quran with translation. You can try to create their interests towards hafiz but still, it should not only be the way to learn Quran.


2) Hire Reliable Quran Tutor

Memorization isn’t that hard if you learn from the right tutor. Your child can visit a mosque to learn from the prayer leaders or they can learn online from one of our finest Quran tutors. Our online sessions are all based on one-to-one Quran tutoring sessions without any distractions. Children can learn online without stepping out of their homes.


3) Keeping Track of Attendance

You should be checking on your child’s attendance regularly. If you have hired the best Quran tutor while your child is missing most of the classes, it is not worth it. You are losing your money while your child is losing the harmony of the continual learning process. Attending some classes while skipping others breaks the memorization & learning potentials of students. It is better to ring up the Quran tutor often to get to know your child’s attendance.


4) Take Care of Diet

A healthy diet is required for a healthy mind. Quran learning will be faster for children with strong memories than the weaker ones. It is all dependent on their diet. Usually, food enriched with vitamins and fatty acids helps build up the memory muscles in children. You can add food items like fish, nuts & eggs to your children's diet to help them learn faster.


5) Don't Overburden Your Child

It is good to start memorizing Quran before school age. In this way, the two learning processes would not overlap. However, in most cases, children go to school in day time while learning Quran in the evening from Quran tutors. It can build up stress in minds of children if they are being overburdened.


It is best to consult your online Quran tutor to know the participation level of your children. If they are reported to be exhausted, you must try to choose a more relaxed & easy going learning schedule for your children.


6) Know Your Child’s Progress

You must be very keen to know your child’s progress reports. They might not be doing best in online classes and need your support. You should consult their Quran tutor quarterly or weekly to get to know their struggles in learning Quran. You should try to talk to them about learning Quran and their difficulties. It is better to understand their problems and find out solutions than to leave them without being noticed.


7) Discuss Problems with Child

You must be open to your kids to talk about their problems. You should ask them often about their issues and activities. This is rather more crucial when the kid is learning Quran. They might be facing too many issues at a time. If you don’t have a habit to talk to your child often, you would probably know their problems. There are fair chances that your child might not be liking the Quran classes scheduled right after school or might not be following the learning style of their teachers. You should get to know their issues and find a way to solve them.


8) Keep Your Child Motivated

Due to parallel schooling along with hifz, your child may give up in the midway of memorization. You must keep them motivated before they decide to do so. You can request their Quran tutor to slow down their pace so that the child can easily memorize & learn what is being taught. A good amount of motivation in the memorization process is all the student needs to keep putting efforts towards the completion of hifz.


9) Set Rewards on Milestones

Rewarding acts as a great motivator for children. You should try to reward your children when they achieve small milestones in memorization. Rewards can be small like their favorite food or snacks. It would help them keep motivated to achieve the next memorization targets. The children will keep pushing them forward towards hifz.


10) Don’t Force High Expectations

Most parents set very high expectations for their children. Some Parents may force them to reach those expectations without knowing their problems. Parents should set realistic expectations and should not try to push hard on their children if they are making a slow pace towards it.


In the memorizing journey, parents often expect their children to do their best. However, children might be facing their own problems in keeping track of their memories. It is best to appreciate them even for memorization of small Surah so they don’t feel discouraged on being unable to meet your high expectations.


Common Ways of Learning Quran

Four Common Ways of Learning Quran

Common Ways of Learning Quran

Four Common Ways of Learning Quran

It's never too late to learn Quran. If you want to teach Quran to your children or learn yourself, you have a variety of options today. The entire life of Muslims rotates around the teachings of Islam and the Holy Quran and it would be very unfortunate if you don’t learn Quran by heart. Every Muslim must understand and practice the teaching of the Holy Quran & Sunnah. We are listing down the wide options to learn Quran for yourself & your children:

· Hiring Quran instructor

· Learning Quran in Mosques

· Self Learning of Quran

· Online Quran Learning

    1. Hiring Quran instructor 

it is the most traditional way of learning the Quran. Parents would look for Quran instructors in the vicinity. However, this method has been quite challenging as finding a good Quran instructor isn’t a piece of cake. Sometimes, parents end up hiring an incompetent instructor while in some cases, children won’t adjust to the teaching styles of hired instructors. Parents keep on searching for better & best Quran instructors and sometimes they won’t find the right one after a lot of effort. 

This method is successful if you can find a well-qualified & experienced Quran instructor.

    2. Learning Quran in Mosques

Learning Quran in mosques is the trend of times of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made masjid the prime location for all life long matters including discussions with companions (Sahabah), solving people problems as per Quran teachings & leading five times prayers. So choosing mosques as children learning spots is following the trends of Sunnah. Children don’t only learn Quran by going to the mosque but they find the chance to get familiar with the mosque environment and observe Muslims praying five times a day. 

Moreover, the Quran instructor is usually the prayer leader of the mosque. The competence of prayer leaders in teaching the Quran is free from any doubts.

    3. Self-Learning of Quran

Self-learning is mostly the method adopted by mature adults or new Muslims who want to do dig into the teachings of the Holy Quran. It is encouraging to do self-efforts in understanding the Quran. It can be done by following the Quran Tafseer available in different languages. A person interested in understanding Tafseer can search for Quran Translation & Tafseer in his native language so it would be easier to understand what is being said in Holy Quran. 

The approach is quite successful for reading & initial learning purposes. However, self-learning is not sufficient for a flawless understanding of the teaching of the Quran. Most of the teachings require a very deep understanding of the basics of Islam and it must be understood from a highly knowledgeable person who has command over the aspects of the Quran. It has been mentioned in Holy Quran that if you don’t follow the teachings right, you may not know and you might commit greater sins. 

    4. Online Quran Learning

These are the methods delivered by the advent of technology. The conventional concept of finding Quran instructors everywhere & arranging Quran learning in mosques are now completely modified in present times. Technology has made all of this Quran learning process quite easy. Everything can be done while sitting at home in front of computer screens. Online instructors from different cultures and countries can connect with students of different cultures & countries in a few clicks. Online Quran learning is being done in the following ways:

Online Skype Tutors

You can find online Quran tutors' contact details easily over the internet. You can ring them up to interchange skype ids and it's all set. You can connect and learn from your instructor through skype anytime.

Android Quran Apps

Android phones have made available tremendous applications at our fingertips. You can easily download numerous Quran translations & Tafseer on androids and start learning Quran from them.

Online Quran Classes

Among online mediums, the most dependable learning process is through online Quran courses. The method is widely being adopted all over the globe. Online Quran classes follow the same teaching process as conventional methods but it is all done remotely. Moreover, unlike finding Quran instructors in the vicinity, you can hire one of the best Quran instructors from around the world at very affordable charges. This method is widely being adopted in USA & UK. It is also catching a lot of fame in Pakistan.


It is more convenient to learn Quran than before due to the availability of a wide variety of mediums of learning. You can opt for the most suitable one to learn Quran for yourself & children. If you don’t want to step out of home, you can easily enroll in online Quran classes and learn perfectly in a similar way as in in-person classes.

We are providing the finest Quran instructors from worldwide to our students’ at the most affordable charges. You can enroll for free to get some free class sessions to judge how we maintain top-notch quality in delivering the best Quran lessons.


Learn Quran without Going to Mosque

Do I Need to Visit Mosques to learn Quran recitation?

Teaching Quran to Kids

Do I Need to Visit Mosques to learn Quran recitation?


The most traditional ways of learning the Quran required mosques. Muslim males used to spend time reciting Quran after prayers. While Muslim females followed similar practices inside homes. With the advent of technology, the conventional concepts of limiting Quran reading to mosques are long gone.


Reading Quran is all the way available on computers and mobile phones. You can read Quran easily at a lot of internet websites at your fingertips without going to mosques. 

However, you have to select the right online website for reading Quran. A good quality website will provide a remarkable user experience with a lot of excellent features for Quran reading visitors. Here are some of the important features to look out for in the online Quran reading website:


Features of Online Quran Reading Websites

A good online Quran reading website has an audio feature along with Quran text. It is mostly hard for a lot of people to concentrate on a computer or mobile screens for more than an hour but listening can be easily done for many hours. It is also more beneficial to listen to the recitation of expert Quran reciters for the most accurate pronunciations.

  • The website should have a complete Quran download feature so you don’t have to be connected to the internet all the time during recitation. You should also look for websites that don’t ask you to make membership accounts or force you to register before providing access to reading of Quran. 
  • You should also look for a user-friendly experience. Some websites may not have a scrolling feature while some will take a lot of time to load up the Holy Quran pages. You should spare some time to select the best website.
  • You should also look for websites that allow you to print the complete Quran. Sometimes you might want to read from the printed version while you are heading away from home. Some people can’t concentrate on digital screens while they are traveling. In such situations, you would be able to read Quran from the printed version as per your comfort.


Can I read Quran online without knowing Arabic?

This isn’t a requirement when you have a lot of internet websites to help you out in reading. You can use the audio feature on websites if you are not familiar with Arabic. The audio feature will be able to pronounce word by word and you can follow the audio to pronounce Arabic words. 


You may also find Holy Quran in translated versions in your native language. You can switch between Arabic and native versions to learn Arabic. 


Reading Quran online is a lot easier due to too many helping features for online readers. Readers can turn on audio modes, translations, and Tafseer features along with simple Arabic verses to aid them in the recitation process. This isn’t possible when you head to mosques for reciting Quran. 






However, it requires your sincerity and determination to understand and learn Quran. If you have strong enthusiasm for learning Quran but you don’t know how to speak Arabic, you can start with a good online website and try finishing the maximum pages of the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty has made the Quran understanding easy for those who have a sincere intention to understand it by heart.


Parents Showing Quran the Importance of Quran to Child

What makes it hard to Memorize Quran?

Parents Showing Quran the Importance of Quran to Child

What makes it hard to Memorize Quran?


Every one of us wishes to earn the prestigious title of Hafiz. This is also one of the noblest deeds in Islam. However, it presents a lot of challenges at the beginning and many children get discouraged due to a lack of planning in memorizing the Quran.

Let us discuss the problems faced by students who start to memorize Quran. We will also be providing you with the solutions to these problems if you have just started memorizing Holy Quran.


1) Thoughts of Discouragement

Holy Quran comprises one hundred fourteen chapters and thirty divisions that contain thousands of verses. The idea of memorizing them all can make you discouraged at the very start. You may think I don’t hold that much capacity to save thousands of verses in my memory altogether.

These are more common discouraging thoughts that should be ignored. Instead, you shall pray from Allah Almighty to ease up the memorization process. You should build a firm understanding that Allah has made memorization Quran easier and you will get hold of its verses very soon.


2) Language Barrier

Arabic natives could easily memorize Holy Quran as they understand every word of it. You can easily memorize the verses if you understand them like Arabs. But with the spread of Islam all over the world, billions of Muslims are now non-Arabic speakers. They don’t understand Arabic. That is why non-Arab students have to put in more effort to memorize the verses which they don’t understand at all.


3) Learning Tajweed

Tajweed rules are compulsory to pronounce Quran verses correctly. Children must learn and memorize Tajweed's basic rules at the start to memorize and recite Quran in the correct manners. However, learning Tajweed on your own adds to the difficulties for new aspirants at the beginning. The students have to learn the Tajweed rules first which requires time and supervision from expert tutors. If students get stuck in Tajweed, they would easily lose their interest in memorizing Quran.


4) Forgetting Memorization

This is another common difficulty faced by students. Most students forget the already memorized part of the Quran after a day or two. They feel that they can't recall the previous part while heading to the next one in a few days. They feel disappointed to have lost the track of verses they memorized a few days ago.

This issue is solved easily when you follow the right approach for memorizing Holy Quran. This includes regular revisions along with the schedule of memorizing the next parts so you won't forget the previous part.


5) Lack of Supervision

A well-qualified Quran teacher is harder to find. Most teachers won't provide you the accurate attention on your memorization process as they would be teaching to a lot of students at a time. Your child may also get easily distracted by other students at regular memorization classes of high schools or mosques.

Our well-qualified tutors make sure to provide all attention to your child's memorization as we teach Quran through one-to-one online tutoring services. The distractions are already close to zero since there isn’t any noise or other students involved in the entire memorization process.


6) Over-occupied

The memorization process needs a dedicated time slot when you can easily provide your full attention to verses. This won't be possible mostly if you are attending full-time school and completing homework at home. You won't have sufficient time to concentrate fully on the memorization process. Even if parents vacate a few hours for Hifz, their children won't be mentally ready to absorb anything more.

It is best to memorize Quran at preschool times where children haven’t started getting homework. They don’t have school hours to attend and they can fully concentrate on Hifz easily.


Is Memorizing Online the ultimate solution?

These challenges are faced by every Quran student. Most of them have to leave memorization in the middle when they don’t find a solution to these problems. Memorizing Quran online doesn’t involve any distractions. It ensures the full attention of students, as well as a teacher as online memorization classes, are mostly one-to-one sessions.

Your children also have a lot of independence in selecting their flexible schedule for memorizing the Quran. They can select hours late in the evening or even in early mornings to suit their ease. It won't be a problem for our online tutors as their learning process is from the comfort of their homes.


Our expert tutors are available round the clock to aid your children in Quran memorization from the comfort of homes. There is no need to step out of homes in pandemic times when you can get the finest tutoring services at your doorsteps.