The tale Of Prophet Yunus (AS) and Whale in Quran

The tale Of Prophet Yunus (AS) and Whale in Quran

The tale Of Prophet Yunus (AS) and Whale in Quran

The tale Of Prophet Yunus (AS) and Whale in Quran


There are twenty-five names of Prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran. The name of Prophet Younas has been mentioned in Surah Younus. It is the tenth surah of the Holy Quran and is present in the eleventh chapter of the Holy Quran. It contains the heart-warming story of Prophet Yunus (AS) and his followers.


Let us read the story of the Whale and Prophet Younus (AS) in this article mentioned in the Holy Quran.


Prophet Yunus (AS) and his Followers

Followers of Hazrat Younus lived in the northern region of Iraq. They are called the people of Nineveh in history books. These people were firm disbelievers of Allah Almighty. They used to worship idols. When Prophet Youns conveyed the message of Allah Almighty to the people, they ignored and laughed at the announcement. When the Prophet mentioned Allah's warning to people, they denied and said the worshipping of idols by their forefathers for centuries without any harm. Since their forefathers weren't subjected to punishment, nothing would happen with them.


The Prophet got discouraged and left the village of Nineveh. Allah then punished the people of Ninveh. People observed fire in the skies after the Prophet left the town. People came to know that Prophet Younus was right in his words, and now they will be punished for their wrongdoings. People rushed to deserts with their children and asked Allah for mercy.


Prophet Yunus (AS) 's Journey

The Prophet has already left his nation in despair. He onboarded a ship with few companions and left the village. After some time, the boat went into turbulence, and passengers feared that ship was about to sink in water. Passengers made up a plan to lighten up the load on the ship so that turbulence could be decreased to some extent. They decided that they would create a ballot with the names of the people on the boat. The person's name chosen after a random pick from the poll will have to leave the ship.


When the ballot was made and the random name was picked, the name appeared of Prophet Younis. However, people knew the credibility of the Prophet and ignored the first result. They decided to ballot again, and the same event happened. Furthermore, the name appeared of Prophet Younus. This was again ignored until the third ballot was made. When Prophet Younus observed his name for the third time, he decided to jump off the boat as it was a clear sign from Almighty. Prophet realized that he had left his people without Allah's command, and now he is destined to see the circumstances of his actions.


The Encounter of Whale with Yunus AS

When the Prophet jumped into the sea, he was swallowed by a giant whale. Allah had commanded fish not to eat Prophet or harm him in any way. However, the Prophet was imprisoned inside the body of a giant whale for a long time.


The Whale swam to a sea depth with Prophet Younus inside the body. Quran mentioned that Prophet thought he had died when he reached inside the fish, but soon Prophet realized that he was alive when he could move his legs inside the fish's belly. He realized he was being punished, so he went down in sujood before Allah.

He asked Allah for forgiveness, stating that he was praying for forgiveness at a place where no one else could have reached.


Scholars mention that Prophet Younus was imprisoned in the belly of fish for almost forty days.


Yunus's Heart Warming Prayer

Prophet Younus requested Allah's forgiveness through prayer. He prayed “Laa ilaa haa illaa anta subhaanaka, innee kuntu min az-Zaalimeen.”. this prayer is now the most popular prayer of muslims. It is known as Ayat Karima to Muslims. According to several hadiths, Allah answers the prayers when Muslims pray with the words of Prophet Younus.

It is mentioned in the Holy book that all sea creatures began to pray to Allah after hearing the voice of the Prophet from the belly of fish.


Allah Answers Yunus's (AS) Prayer

Allah accepted Prophet Younus prayer and forgave his mistake. Allah mentions in Holy Quran that Prophet repented sincerely from his heart. Prophet regretted his decision of leaving his nation without the command of Allah Almighty. That is why Allah forgave Prophet Younus due to genuine sincerity and commanded the Whale to release the Prophet. Allah mentions that if Prophet hadn't prayed in repentance, he would have stayed in the belly of fish till the day of judgement for his mistake.


The Whale released Prophet on a seashore when Allah commanded the Whale to release the Prophet.


Yunus (AS) Returns Back

Prophet Younus returned to his people after the Whale released him. When he reached back, he realized that the people were punished due to their wrongdoings. People felt relieved on seeing Prophet Younus and welcomed him back. People of Nineveh had now accepted Allah Almighty existence. They became true believers, and they refrained from worshipping idols anymore. In this way, Allah doesn't only forgive Prophet, but he made the task of the Prophet relatively easy for him.


Important Surah to Memorize from Holy Quran

The Seven Important Surah to Memorize from Holy Quran

Important Surah to Memorize from Holy Quran

The Seven Important Surah to Memorize from Holy Quran


Every Surah of the Holy Quran carries its significance. Some provide the rulings on human rights while others on the Islamic way of life. Each of us should learn the complete Holy Quran by heart. It is indeed a great honor to be Hafiz of the Holy Quran in Islam. There are countless blessings of Almighty on Hafiz in the life hereafter. However, starters can pick the brief Surah first to make up their pace with learning of Holy Quran. Some Surahs are quite easy to memorize for new learners. These include some brief and long Surah.


If you want to be choosy in your memorizing style, you can start with these brief & long Surahs of the Holy Quran to develop your memorization pace.


Shortest Surahs To Memorize

Memorizing short surah would look like an easy goal for new learners. That is why we have compiled the list of most easy memorizable surah hereunder:


1) Surah Al-Fatiha

One of the easiest Surahs of the Holy Quran is Surah Al-Fatiha. The word Fatiha means beginning. As clear by the meaning, it is the very first Surah of the Holy Quran. It is vital to recite surah Al-Fatiha in every Rakat of your five times prayer. Surah Al-Fathia includes only seven verses.


2) Surat Al-Kahf

It is the 18th Surah of the Holy Quran and comprises one hundred & ten verses. It is considered quite an important Surah as said by the Holy Prophet (PBUH): “One who memorized the first ten verses or ayahs of Surah Al Kahf will be secure against the Dajjal.” (Saheeh Muslim).


3) Surah Al-Kafirun

One of the shortest surahs of the Holy Quran is Surah Al-Kafirun. It contains only six verses and is placed in the last chapter of the Holy Quran. This surah is highly recommended for reciting during the long journey. It is one of the most easily memorized surahs of the Holy Quran.


Long Surahs To Memorize

We have a general perception that lengthy surahs are always hard to memorize. But some lengthy surah is quite easy to memorize apart from others. We are listing down the easiest memorizable lengthy ones to start your memorization.


1) Surah Baqarah


Don’t think of this Surah as the hardest target for memorization. This surah might have 286 verses in it but still, it is quite easy for most hafiz to memorize Surah Baqrah among another long surah. We will be discussing the smart strategy to memorize Surah Baqrah in our next posts. Stay tuned to our blog to get the most useful tips on memorizing this Surah online.


2) Surah Rahman

Surah Rahman has 78 verses and it is one of the most important lengthy surahs to memorize for new learners of the Holy Quran. It is the manifestation of Allah Almighty's countless blessings on mankind. It also has a lot of scientific importance on universe architecture. It has been mostly recited in numerous rhythmic styles by famous reciters all over the world.


3) Surah Yaseen

It is called the Heart of the Holy Quran. This surah contains 83 verses and is the thirty-sixth surah of the Holy Quran. It was revealed in Makkah to Holy Prophet (PBUH). There are a lot of medical benefits related to this Surah. It is often recited and memorized by Muslims around the world.


4) Surah Waqiah

Waqiah means the unavoidable or the occurrence. It depicts the outcomes of people's acts in the afterlife and their fates. The surah contains 96 total verses and is in the 56th place in Surah order. Surah Al Waqiah was revealed to Holy Prophet before migrating to Madinah.


Can I Memorize Above Surah Online?

Memorizing a surah online doesn’t take effort when you learn them from our Quran tutors. Our tutors are making the memorization process very easy by implementing the finest step-wise memorization techniques.

The series of repetition and memorization drills conducted by our experts ensure that you memorize every surah with correct tajweed and pronunciation. We are teaching Tafseer of every Surah too so that you understand every word of your recitation.


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