Common Ways of Learning Quran

Four Common Ways of Learning Quran

It’s never too late to learn Quran. If you want to teach Quran to your children or learn yourself, you have a variety of options today. The entire life of Muslims rotates around the teachings of Islam and the Holy Quran and it would be very unfortunate if you don’t learn Quran by heart. Every Muslim must understand and practice the teaching of the Holy Quran & Sunnah. We are listing down the wide options to learn Quran for yourself & your children:

· Hiring Quran instructor

· Learning Quran in Mosques

· Self Learning of Quran

· Online Quran Learning

    1. Hiring Quran instructor 

it is the most traditional way of learning the Quran. Parents would look for Quran instructors in the vicinity. However, this method has been quite challenging as finding a good Quran instructor isn’t a piece of cake. Sometimes, parents end up hiring an incompetent instructor while in some cases, children won’t adjust to the teaching styles of hired instructors. Parents keep on searching for better & best Quran instructors and sometimes they won’t find the right one after a lot of effort. 

This method is successful if you can find a well-qualified & experienced Quran instructor.

    2. Learning Quran in Mosques

Learning Quran in mosques is the trend of times of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made masjid the prime location for all life long matters including discussions with companions (Sahabah), solving people problems as per Quran teachings & leading five times prayers. So choosing mosques as children learning spots is following the trends of Sunnah. Children don’t only learn Quran by going to the mosque but they find the chance to get familiar with the mosque environment and observe Muslims praying five times a day. 

Moreover, the Quran instructor is usually the prayer leader of the mosque. The competence of prayer leaders in teaching the Quran is free from any doubts.

    3. Self-Learning of Quran

Self-learning is mostly the method adopted by mature adults or new Muslims who want to do dig into the teachings of the Holy Quran. It is encouraging to do self-efforts in understanding the Quran. It can be done by following the Quran Tafseer available in different languages. A person interested in understanding Tafseer can search for Quran Translation & Tafseer in his native language so it would be easier to understand what is being said in Holy Quran. 

The approach is quite successful for reading & initial learning purposes. However, self-learning is not sufficient for a flawless understanding of the teaching of the Quran. Most of the teachings require a very deep understanding of the basics of Islam and it must be understood from a highly knowledgeable person who has command over the aspects of the Quran. It has been mentioned in Holy Quran that if you don’t follow the teachings right, you may not know and you might commit greater sins. 

    4. Online Quran Learning

These are the methods delivered by the advent of technology. The conventional concept of finding Quran instructors everywhere & arranging Quran learning in mosques are now completely modified in present times. Technology has made all of this Quran learning process quite easy. Everything can be done while sitting at home in front of computer screens. Online instructors from different cultures and countries can connect with students of different cultures & countries in a few clicks. Online Quran learning is being done in the following ways:

Online Skype Tutors

You can find online Quran tutors’ contact details easily over the internet. You can ring them up to interchange skype ids and it’s all set. You can connect and learn from your instructor through skype anytime.

Android Quran Apps

Android phones have made available tremendous applications at our fingertips. You can easily download numerous Quran translations & Tafseer on androids and start learning Quran from them.

Online Quran Classes

Among online mediums, the most dependable learning process is through online Quran courses. The method is widely being adopted all over the globe. Online Quran classes follow the same teaching process as conventional methods but it is all done remotely. Moreover, unlike finding Quran instructors in the vicinity, you can hire one of the best Quran instructors from around the world at very affordable charges. This method is widely being adopted in USA & UK. It is also catching a lot of fame in Pakistan.


It is more convenient to learn Quran than before due to the availability of a wide variety of mediums of learning. You can opt for the most suitable one to learn Quran for yourself & children. If you don’t want to step out of home, you can easily enroll in online Quran classes and learn perfectly in a similar way as in in-person classes.

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