Do I Commit Sin When I Recite Holy Quran without Tajweed?

Do I Commit Sin When I Recite Holy Quran without Tajweed?


Holy Quran was revealed during the times of Arabs. The reciters were native to the language of the Holy Quran. However, with the passage of time, Islam became the most followed religion all over the world. Muslims from different countries with different mother tongues started reciting Quran in their own pronunciations. This led to a lot of complications as Arabic words change their meanings with pronounced incorrectly.


Scholars sorted out the way through Tajweed. There is still a different school of thought about whether Tajweed is compulsory or not. Let us find out about the requirement of Tajweed for reciting the Holy Quran discussed below:


Definition of Tajweed

Tajweed means doing well or doing with perfection. Tajweed actually rules that are required to recite Holy Quran perfectly. Tajweed makes recitation quite beautiful as it implements the rules of Arabic pronunciation in every verse.


Is Tajweed an Obligation?

Religion does not obligate tajweed. Therefore, you are not committing a sin if you are reciting Holy Quran without the knowledge of tajweed. It is all dependent on your preference and efforts towards recitation. If you want to recite Quran, why not do it in the way of the Holy Prophet?. Perfection in your recitation can only be achieved by learning tajweed. However, it is not a compulsion.


Role of Tajweed in Islam

You may think that if there is no requirement of tajweed in our religion then what importance it has in the religion. Tajweed is called Fard al Kifaya in our religion. In other words, it is the duty of one in a group of people. If in the Muslims community, only one Muslim has learned tajweed for reciting Quran, the Islamic duty has been fully performed.


Does Poor Tajweed Lead to Change of Meanings?

Yes, it is a sin if we intentionally recite Holy Quran in the wrong way. But if you are putting efforts to recite Quran with just basic knowledge and make errors in it, you are not committing a sin. Making errors in recitation due to lack of tajweed understanding is not going to make you a sinner. It is also not necessarily true that poor tajweed leads to a change of meanings of every verse. If you have learned the basics of Noorani Qaida or Arabic pronunciation, you will be fine to recite Holy Quran in the correct ways.


How Holy Quran Mentions Tajweed?

Holy Quran does not mention the compulsion of Tajweed in verses. However, it recommends reciting Quran very carefully & understandably. The Verse of Surah Muzammil mentions: “Or add to it, and recite the Qur’an with measured recitation.” (Surah Muzammil).


Why Should I learn Tajweed?

We are now quite clear about the requirement of learning Tajweed is not essential in our religion. You may be thinking that why it has still a crucial role in the recitation of the Holy Quran. It is because due to the following factors:

  • Perfects the Recitation: You might find it quite difficult to differentiate between pause and stop rules when reciting Quran. Tajweed works on these aspects and makes recitation more convenient for you.
  • Helps Avoid Errors: Some words change meaning in a different way of pronunciation. Though it is not a sin for Quran learners, why not put some effort to avoid mistakes in the holy Quran. Tajweed ensures error-free recitation. 
  • Helps Memorizing: tajweed helps a lot in memorization. You know where to connect verses and where to break them.


Can I enroll in Tajweed Class?

We put a lot of effort into schooling our children. However, we don’t do much on their recitation styles. Encouraging children towards Quran recitation is not the only duty of parents. Children should know the recitation with correct pronunciation rules. This will make children not only learn the recitation but they will be able to recite in the most beautiful manners.


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