How to Start Learning Quran?

How to Start Learning Quran?


Beginners often get confused when they decide to learn Quran by themselves. They don’t know how to start in the right manner. Some would choose Noorani Qaida to learn at first while others would start from the briefest surah of the Holy Quran. In some cases, beginners may choose to learn Quran from the last chapter first.


We are making everything clearer here in this read. If you are a beginner, here are all the steps you need to take to learn Quran.


1) Learn Noorani Qaida First

The first book to read before learning reading of Holy Quran is Noorani Qaida. The small booklet contains all the principles that you need to know about Arabic. Of course, you cannot read & recite Quran correctly if you aren’t familiar with pronunciation before.

Noorani Qaida will help you to know about alphabets and their sounds. You will learn to recognize symbols, letters, vowels, and many more basics with this Qaida.


You will still need a good tutor to deliver the first few lessons on reading Qaida correctly. You can hire one of our best online tutors to teach you how to learn from Qaida efficiently.


2) Proceed to Quran Reading

Finishing up the Noorani Qaida, next is Quran reading. You would be quite familiar with Arabic words as you step into this stage. Reading Quran is just following the principle of Noorani Qaida. However, you might be reading the words first. Later on, you would develop the pace of reading Quran verses as you will keep on practicing the rules of Noorani Qaida on verses.

You should be doing a lot of practice here to get a profound grip on reading Quran verses.


3) Learn from Easy Chapters

Most people follow the general book-reading style for Holy Quran. They start from the first chapters and move on to the next. However, the first chapters contain lengthy surah like Surah Al-Barqarah. Many children would end up feeling disappointed with their learning potential when they get stuck in Surah Al-Baqarah.

It is best to start with the briefest chapters first. The briefest surah is found in the last chapter of the Quran. It is therefore more motivating to start from the last chapter to keep up the learning pace.


4) Learn The Most Heard Verses

Some verses are more regularly recited than others. An example of such verses is Surah Al-Fatiha in five times prayer. You can start up your learning of the Holy Quran with the most heard & listened to verses. These also include Ayat ul Kursi which is the 255th verse of the Holy Quran. These verses can be easily memorized just before the actual memorization of Quran chapters.


5) Learn Your Favorite Chapters

You can choose to learn the most heard surah first. You have the option to memorize any favorite surah first from the one hundred fourteen surahs in Quran. You will be mostly listening to Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahman & Surah Fatiha in mosques. These surah verses will already be quite familiar and you won’t find any struggle in memorizing them first.


6) Learn The Specific Grammar

You would have found the prior steps quite easy. However, this one requires more insight into Arabic grammar. You should try to get to know the grammar & more detailed tajweed principles. These principles would tell you where to take a pause when reading the verse or where you have to take a full break before proceeding to the next verse. You should be getting familiar with Sajdah’s points of verses when you would have to perform sujood.


7) Work on Recitation 

Now that you know to read the Quran correctly, you must learn the recitation styles. You might have heard the beautiful recitations of the famous Quran Surah before?. This step requires you to recite Quran beautifully in rhythm. You should dig out the recitation (Qiraat) basics and get to know the types of Quran recitation here.


We will be discussing the different styles of recitation in our next readings. Stay tuned!


8) Learn Quran Recitation Styles

Now that you are good with Quran recitation basics, you should start working on your recitation skills here. You can learn about ten different recitation styles and adopt the one which suits you the most. There is no need to worry if you find it difficult to understand every recitation style by yourself.


We are here to help! Our qualified Quran tutors will teach you the different recitation styles right at your flexible schedule online.


9) Learn Specific Quran Tajweed

Now that you have been practicing Quran recitation, it is important to not make mistakes. You can recite perfectly by applying the tajweed rules to your recitation. However, it isn’t an obligation to learn tajweed completely but it is crucial for Quran experts.


You would be adding perfection to your recitation when you would know every rule of Tajweed.


10) Proceed To Hifz Quran Or Memorize Surah


After you have come to know the many aspects of the Holy Quran, it is a true blessing to proceed to hifz. Allah Almighty has promised the highest rewards for Hafiz.


Every Muslim must try to memorize most parts of the Holy Quran if you aren’t able to complete the Hifz. Memorizing most verses will aid you a lot in reciting these verses during five times prayers.