Child Learning Quran from Noorani Quida

Five Ways to Learn the Most from Noorani Qaida


Noorani Qaida is the first thing that a Muslim child ought to study before studying Quran. It guides a child towards correct pronunciation of Holy words and makes him fluent in reading and reciting Quran.


Noorani Qaid prepares children to recite Holy Quran correctly. It is required to study before the actual recitation of the Holy Quran. Noorani Qaida sets out the basic rules of pronunciation of Arabic words.


We are providing you the expert tips to help your child learn the most from Noorani Qaida.

Knowing Noorani Qaida’s Importance

Noorani Qaida covers the basics of Tajweed. You cannot learn from any book unless you have a sincere intention to learn it. The same goes for Noorani Qaida. The child must understand the prime importance of Noorani Qaida. If they take Noorani Qaida as casual, they would not be reciting Holy Quran correctly in the next phase. On the other hand, if a child learns Noorani Qaida principles by heart, it would have a deeper impact on their pronunciation.


Don’t Rush Through Qaida

Many children won’t take Noorani Qaida seriously. They would think of Noorani Qaida as simple alphabets pronunciation rules. On the other hand, parents may also be willing to rush their children through the booklet without assessing their understanding. We must know the fact that the right understanding of tajweed is essential to recite the Holy Quran perfectly. If we don’t pay much attention to Noorani Qaida for our children, we might be leading them to the wrong pronunciation of Holy Quran words.


The best way is to let children learn the Noorani Qaida by heart. They should not be allowed to rush through it. Noorani Qaida may look like a set of alphabets but it plays a vital role in improving the pronunciation of Arabic words.


Learn Qaida from Qualified Quran Tutors

 Of course, you cannot learn the Noorani Qaida by looking at the alphabet. The right pronunciation of alphabets will be taught by the right Quran tutors. If you learn the wrong pronunciation of alphabets by yourself, you would make this mistake through the entire holy Quran. You would be depending on your teacher to teach you in the right manner. It is vital to select the Noorani Qaida teacher from the credible Quran teaching platform.


Our online Quran tutors are highly qualified and have loads of experience in teaching the Holy Quran to students. Select the most favorable Quran tutor from our platform so that you learn the Noorani qaid without any flaws.


Practice Noorani Qaida Every Day

Generally, it is hard to grasp the natural accent of the new language. The same goes for Arabic. You cannot learn the alphabets and pronunciations of Arabic overnight. The right accent of Arabic would come after a lot of practice of Noorani Qaida lessons. Your child should practice Noorani Qaida pronunciation every single day until they start to pronounce the words in a natural tone.


Learn Qaida by Pronouncing in Native language 

It might be hard to remember the pronunciation of every Arabic word. A smart way to do that is to connect the Arabic pronunciation to your language. If you are a native English speaker, you can use English language pronunciation rules for some Arabic words to remember the pronunciation. For example, if you can link pronunciation of saying alphabet A in English to Alif in Arabic. Similarly, Arabic uses Fatha, Kasra & Zumma propositions to connect the Arabic words like propositions of Zabr, Zair & Paish in Urdu.


In a nutshell, you cannot recite Quran without learning Noorani Qaida. It is crucial to learn Noorani Qaida from the best Qaida tutor so that you have a very strong & accurate foundation for reading Holy Quran.