Quran Teaches us About Good Deeds

13 Good Deeds to Wipe Away Bad Deeds


Allah Almighty forgives every sin of believers when they seek His forgiveness. The doors of forgiveness are never shut till the death. Allah Almighty encourages reverting to the right path even if his servants have committed loads of sins. In verses of Surah Zumar of the Holy Quran, Allah says never to despair from his mercy. The doors of mercy are always open when we repent before Almighty with a true heart

Some of the acts are liked by Allah Almighty so much that He wipes out the sins of anyone who performs them. Here is a brief list of these righteous actions as according to Hadith:

     1- Remembering Almighty during Adhan

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that when someone says these words during Adhan time, all of them committed sins will be washed out.

I bear myself as a witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah Almighty and I endorse Muhammad (PBUH) as his special servant and messenger. I accept Allah Almighty as my master and Islam as my religion and Muhammad (PBUH) as the last Prophet (Sahih Muslim).

     2- Perfection of Ablution

Prophet (PBUH) said that when someone perfectly performs ablution, all of his committed sins will leave his body even from under his fingernails due to the mercy of Allah. This hadith is reported by Uthman ibn Affan.

     3- Performing Five Prayers

Prophet PBUH asked his companions that if there was a river just in front of your door and you are taking bath from it five times a day, do you assume that there will be traces of dirt on the person?. The companions replied with not a single trace would be possible. The Prophet PBUH said that this is how sins are removed through five times prayer. This hadith is reported in Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 505, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 667

     4- Isteghfaar during Nighttime

The hadith about forgiveness during the night has been reported by Abu Huraira, the companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Does Allah say that when the night reaches the third part, the Almighty asks that Is there anyone who seeks his forgiveness or demands anything from Him? Almighty asks mankind to request his forgiveness so Almighty can forgive his servants. This hadith is reported in Sahih Al Bukhari: 8.333.

     5- Acts of Charity

Allah Almighty mentions in Quran that those who perform charity will be rewarded generously for their good deeds. Prophet PBUH urged Muslims to keep doing charity to avoid evil. Prophet PBUH said that it is the charity that becomes an obstacle for the calamities coming in your way. This hadith has been reported in Tirmidhi.

     6- Preparing for Fridays

Prophet PBUH said that whoever prepares for Friday in the best manner, his sins between two Fridays time will be forgiven. The actual words of hadith mention that if someone takes a bath then cleans himself completely & further oils his hair and applied perfume, he sets out for the mosque, don’t rush to separate two persons to make his seat then performs prayers and observes silence while listening to prayer leader, he would be free from his all sins between that Friday and next Friday. This hadith is reported in Al-Bukhari.

     7- Fasting in Ramadan

Prophet PBUH said that whoever fasts with sincere faith in the month of Ramadan in pursuit of reward from Allah, his previous sins would be forgiven.

     8- Praying on Al-Qadr

Prophet PBUH said that whoever offers prayers on Shab Qadr with sincerity of faith in pursuit of Allah’s reward, his previous sins would be forgiven.

     9- Praising Allah Almighty

The significance of tasbeeh has mentioned in the hadith reported by Abu Hurayra, the companion of Holy Prophet PBUH. Prophet PBUH said that when someone recites Glory is for Allah and All Praise is for Him (Subhana’llah wa bi-hamdihi in Arabic) for hundred times in a single day will remove all his sins even if they were lot & excessive like a foam of the sea.

     10- Fasting on Aashura

Prophet PBUH highlighted the importance of fasting on the tenth day of Muharram while saying that Allah will forgive the sins of the previous year for someone who would fast on the day of Ashura.

     11- Fasting on Arafah

The second day of Hajj occurs on the 9th of Dhu al-Hajj. This is called the Day of Arafah. Prophet PBUH said that whoever fasts on the day of Arafah will have his sins forgiven for the previous & next year.

     12- Bearing Fever 

Prophet PBUH highlighted the forgiveness of Allah during fever in the hadith reported by Jabir, the companion of Prophet.

Prophet visited Umm Musaiyyab and asked about her ailment & weakness leading to shivering. She replied that it is the fever. Prophet PBUH mentioned to her that do not think ill of fever as it removes the sins in a similar way like a furnace removes dirt from iron. This hadith has been reported in Sahih Muslims.

     13- Bearing Diseases 

Hadiths about forgiveness of Allah during ailment have been reported by Abu Huraira and Au Sa id. It mentions that a Muslim when gets stricken with ailment, hardships & discomforts, grief, or even mental worries, it acts as a reparation for his sins.


Allah Almighty has opened the doors of forgiveness to believers. There are numerous ways to earn forgiveness for our sins. It is quite easy to seek Almighty forgiveness if we have a sincere faith in returning to the right paths.