How Can I Recite Quran Beautifully?

How Can I Recite Quran Beautifully?


Holy Quran is the conversation of Allah Almighty. The holy book is perfect in all dimensions. Reciting it beautifully is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Below are crucial tips to recite the Holy Book in the most beautiful manners:


1- Learn Tajweed Basics

Quran recitation isn’t perfect without Tajweed. Tajweed is a set of linguistic rules that are required for the right pronunciation of words of the Quran. Some of the tajweed basics are discussed hereunder:

    i) Learn Pronunciation Basics

Practice the sounds of commonly used Arabic words in Quran and then proceed to practice the correct pronunciation of complete verses. You can get help from listening to recitations of these words and verses from renowned reciters of the Quran. You will notice that they stretch sounds of some words while shortening sounds for others. They are following Tajweed rules in pronunciation and you can start copying their sounds to have an understanding of correct pronunciations.


    ii) Learn Intonation Basics

The stretch in sounds of certain words while cutting the sounds of others are intonations. Sometimes reciting loud is essential for certain verses and reciting them on lower levels will completely alter their meanings. Intonation rules deal with your voice notes while reciting the Holy Quran. Intonation is a compulsory part of Tajweed and reciting Quran without it would alter or break the meanings of Allah’s commands.


    iii) Learn Articulation Basics

Articulation is another part of Tajweed rules. It deals with producing sounds of letters in a word. It guides to silent the first letters and sounds the last or middle ones and vice versa. You need to know how you are going to sound every letter of each word in the right way. The basic understanding of these articulation rules is essential to develop the continuity of verses or break them apart as per these rules.


    iv) Learn When to Pause 

As soon as you follow the above articulation & intonation rules, your Tajweed will be incorrect form. You can take the example of expert reciters who make up a rhythm with verses following all sets of tajweed rules. You can assess their recitation on Tajweed rules for a practical understanding of these rules.


    v ) Learn from Expert Reciters

When you are all good with basics, you can start to recite in rhythms. However, you must keep track of Tajweed rules to develop these rhythms. You may make a fault going through verses while rhythmically reciting them. This is where you can get expert Quran tutors to help to supervise your developed rhythms in verses. Online Quran tutoring services are just a single click away from our platform. Our expert Quran tutors will carry out one-to-one tutoring sessions as per your schedule to listen and rectify your recitation mistakes. You can also listen to the recitation of our expert Quran reciters in our one-to-one online tutoring lessons.


2- Understanding Quran

You must try to understand the recitation of the Quran. You can opt for online Tafseer lessons to get a deep understanding of what is being told in the verses of the Holy Quran.

Arabic language would seem a bit problematic to learn on your own. But getting hands-on the basics is never too difficult. You can start with these steps if you need to learn the Quranic Arabic on your own.


    i) Learn Arabic Basics

Try learning Arabic grammar online. Take Arabic grammar quizzes and try producing sentences in Arabic. As soon as you can develop some small sentences, you can head to exten41sive ones and so on.


    ii) Translate Arabic to Mother’s tongue

Translating Arabic to your language is another productive learning approach. Try converting every verse into your language and observe the basic translation of some commonly used Arabic words in sentences. In this way, you would get a hint whenever the same word is used in another verse.


    iii) Learn Quranic Vocabulary

Quran vocabulary is the most perfect combination of words. These words aren’t used locally as these are the words of Allah Almighty. You can make up the list of Quran vocabulary and focus on their meanings.


    iv) Listen to Famous Quran Reciters

We all have some favorite Quran reciters. You can choose your favorite reciters like Sheikh Basit or Sheikh Saad Al Ghamidi for your auditorial learning purposes. You can start with listening to certain verses of the Quran from them and then repeating them in similar patterns. It is an easier way to learn and grasp the Tajweed rules than to go for grammatical learning methods.


    v) Practice Quran Recitation Daily

Since Arabic is not the first language of many of us, we may lose the track of Tajweed rules after learning them at in later time. You should make a habit of reciting a small portion of the Holy Quran every day to keep your Tajweed rules refreshed. It’s not essential to finish a chapter every day but you can recite a few verses every day as per Tajweed rules to keep them refreshed in your mind.


3- Repetition & Regularity

Repetition & regularity are keys to fastening up the learning process. You shall make the recitation a constant practice or link the recitation with some daily life tasks in learning Quran more efficiently and quickly as possible.


    i) Recite Verses in Prayers

Recite the verses in five times prayers. You can also make a habit of reciting a few Surah after prayers to make Quran learning a regular habit. It is also a blessing to recite Quran in wudhu. You will be already in wudhu for five times prayers and these are the best times to recite Quran being in wudhu to add up Allah’s blessings.


    ii) Set Tajweed Learning Targets

You can set Tajweed learning targets quarterly or for every weekend on your availability. You can target intonations, articulations, and so on. You should practice every rule with some tasks at the end to make a more firm understanding of these principles.


    iii) Teach Recitation to Family & Friends

If you are privileged to have learned reciting Quran in the right way, you can teach these basics to others. Indeed, teaching Quran is the noblest deed in our Deen. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said as narrated in Al-Bukhari that ‘the best among you are the ones who learn and teach Quran’.


You can recite the Holy Quran in the most beautiful manners by following the above basics. The words of Allah Almighty need to be uttered in the correct ways and this is only possible through correct recitation principles.