Ten Techniques to Learn Quran Surah Easily

Ten Techniques to Learn Quran Surah Easily


Learning anything needs commitment. Sometimes learning is quite easier than we think of it. We just miss the right strategies for our learning process that makes things harder for us to learn.

Learning something in a different language may present more difficulty levels. This case applies to Holy Quran where most students give up their wish to become hafiz due to language barriers. They get stuck completely when they put their efforts into memorizing Quran.

We will be discussing some of the smart strategies to facilitate you towards memorizing Holy Quran.


1) Make Small Learning Intervals

Learning requires complete focus. This is best possible in short intervals rather than lengthy ones. Memorizing for hours doesn’t go any good but puts up negative effects on your memory. Researches recommend Quran memorizing sessions not exceed fifty minutes. These are the best short intervals to keep you focused on memorizing verses.


2) Practice like Teaching Quran to others

Medical experts state that when we read, only ten percent stays in our mind but when we teach, the seventy percent stays for long in our memories. It would be best to read back to yourself like if you are reciting to someone else in the room. It will assist your memory to recall quickly whenever you would try to remember the verses.


3) Read Verses Loud to Yourself

You might think of learning Quran in low tones. However, this is not how the memory functions. It would be quite harder to memorize by reading at lower vocals. Reading aloud aids your memory to grasp the information faster. Verses read in louder tones stay more in the memories than those in whispery tones.


4) Distributed Memorization Sessions

Memorizing without taking breaks would not work at all. It is good to have a sincere intention to memorize Quran Surah in one session but this applies only to brief ones. You should not be spending hours continuously for memorization rather you should divide your memorization sessions into many parts.


It is better to start your first memorization period very early after fajar. It is the time when your mind is completely relaxed after a good night’s sleep. But when you start feeling tired, you must go for a short snack break until you feel refreshed to resume again.


5) Don’t Rush To Hifz Early 

New learners are quite passionate about to hifz Quran in the shorter time possible. However, this ends up in two situations. One, the student starts with enthusiasm to finish many surahs overnight but fails to do so after cramming for a lot of time. In this case, they become disappointed in their learning potential easily.


In the other case, students may be lucky to memorize a lot of Surah overnight but they would be forgetting most parts the next morning due to excessive cramming.

It is best not to rush through memorization. Students must follow a relaxed schedule to memorize Quran effectively.


6) Don’t Miss Sound Sleep

Sleep is the main source of powering up memories. Therefore, it is recommended to take a shorter nap when you feel exhausted. This will help a lot to boost up your memories. You will be able to recall most part of your learning if you have been taking care of your sleep during memorization of the Quran.


7) Revise What Your Memorize

Like everything else, learning needs revision. This applies to your learning of the Holy Quran as well. You must revise the learned verses every next day otherwise you would lose track of them. You must not spend all the time moving to the next verses as you would be forgetting the previous ones at the same time. It is essential to dedicate a significant time slot every day for your revision.


8) Take Good Diet

We most forget about the diet when we talk about other strategies. But diet plays a key role in strengthening every part of your body including your memory. You must do a good breakfast before you start your memorization sessions.


9) Learn in Peaceful Environment

Memorization requires a more peaceful environment where you can listen back to your own recitation. This is mostly a problem faced by new learners in mosques and madrassah where they have to learn the Holy Quran among many other learners. Too many voices may disrupt the memorization process.

You are likely to learn faster in a silent environment. Our one to our Quran tutoring sessions takes care of all these factors. We teach our students in a completely peaceful environment.


10) Hire the Trusted Quran Tutoring Services

Of course, you cannot learn perfectly without a Quran tutor. You may be able to read but that would be with a lot of pronunciation mistakes. It is best to start your learning of the Holy Quran under the supervision of reliable & experienced Quran tutors.


Don’t worry if you can’t find a trusted Quran tutor because our platform can help you out in arranging the best qualified Quran tutors online. You don’t need to step out of homes as we are providing the finest tutoring services in the comfort of homes.