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8 Manners of the Holy Quran Recitation


Holy Quran is the most sacred book for Muslims around the world. It is a divine book containing Allah Almighty’s words and has a very special status for Muslims. We can’t think of disrespecting the Holy Book, but we may unintentionally do it. We are going to list down the manners of reciting the holy Quran, so you don’t disrespect the divine book in any way.


1. State of Ablution (Wudu) 

Wudhu ensures the state of cleanliness of the body. You must be in a state of complete cleanliness before touching the holy book. You must not read the holy Quran if you are not in wudhu. The wudhu also saves you from the coronavirus. If a Muslim performs wudhu five times a day, he cleanses body parts from the contagious disease. Wudhu is a natural cleanser, and Muslims are considered clean when they are in wudhu.


Is there an Exception for Ablution?

With the advent of technology, the means of reading the Quran have completely changed. You don’t need to touch the holy book physically while reading Quran on smartphones or computers. Scholars have given an exception to wudhu conditions if you are reading Quran online. 


2. Cleanliness

You must read the sacred book in a neat & clean place. The concept of selecting neat & clean places becomes a compulsion in the case of reading the Holy Quran. It is the sign of giving respect to the Holy Book and the words of Allah Almighty. You must not read holy Quan if you don’t find the place clean.


3. Recite Tauz & Tasmiyah

Tauz and Tasmiyah bring barakah to every action. Muslims usually have a habit of starting their routine tasks with the name of Allah. It eliminates all the evils and is a way of requesting Allah’s help in daily life tasks. This also applies to reciting Holy Quran. Every Muslim must recite Tauz & Tasmiyah before reciting even a small part of the Holy Quran. There is only a single exception in the case of Surah Tauba, in which Muslims are required not to read Tauz and Tasmiyah.


4. Practice Tajweed

Tajweed is a set of linguistic rules that you should practice while reciting the Holy Quran. It ensures that you are reciting without making mistakes. You also learn a beautiful way of reciting the Holy Quran by understanding tajweed. If you want to recite the Holy Quran perfectly, you cannot avoid understanding tajweed.


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5. No Talking While Reciting

You cannot talk and read at the same time. However, we still make these mistakes un-intentionally. We may think that uttering a few words won’t disturb the recitation. But the Holy Quran is not an ordinary book and requires complete attention. If you think you might have to talk to someone in a few moments, you must not start reciting the Quran. Quran verses require the correct pronunciation and right rhythms, and if you start breaking them, you might commit sins of altering the meanings.


6. Follow Slow Pace 

The words of the Holy Quran should be pronounced very accurately. Allah has commanded Muslims to recite the Quran at a slow pace. You may read the Quran at your own pace and style. But reciting Holy Quran should follow the rulings of Allah Almighty. Most of us often confuse reading & recitation. Reading of Holy Quran is just going through the verses without accurate tajweed. However, reciting is pronouncing Quran words accurately as per tajweed rules. Reciting follows the rhythmic style of pronouncing the holy Quran. It must be done at a slow pace. A general rule of recitation is that it should be easily understood by the listener of your recitation. 


7. Clean Pillows for lifting Holy Quran

Some people like to hold Quran in hand while reading or to recite. There is no problem In holding Quran this way. However, if you want to place Quran somewhere and read from it, you should ensure the cleanliness of the place. More general practice is to use the support of pillow to support the holy Quran. You must ensure that pillow is neat & clean and you are sitting respectfully in front of the pillow while reciting the Holy Quran. 


8. Hold In Right Hand

If you want to hold Quran for reading & recitation, you must hold it in the right hand. Every noble task in Islam is done with the right hand. From eating to doing work, Muslims use their right hand as a sign of respect and religious obligation. The holy Quran must also be held only in the right hand as it is the most respected and sacred book among others. 


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