Teaching Quran to Kids

Teaching Quran to Kids

Teaching Quran to your children is the most rewarding deed in Akhirah. Children are usually curious to learn and experiment with new things. A parent should follow a similar approach to increase the curiosity of learning the Holy Quran among children.

Here are the most creative ways to teach Quran to your children:

    1-Select Pleasant Spot 

You should select a good silent spot of home to teach Holy Quran. You should think of some engaging creative ways to start with the introduction of the Holy Quran. You should also try to make your kid curious to know more about the Holy Book and its guidance. 

    2-Start with Small Steps

You should avoid starting with verses directly. You should make the process easy and simple as per the capacity of your child. If you are planning to deliver tauuz and tasmiyah, you shall first break down the Tauuz and Tasmiyah in very small steps.

    3-Start With Interesting Quran Stories

You can start with Quranic stories of different Prophets. You can teach your children that you are starting with a specific Surah and it has the story of the Prophet. You can begin with the shortest surah and provide a summary of its revealing time and how it impacted the times it was revealed. 

You can take interesting stories of the following surahs for your reference:

· The Story of Habil and Qabil

· The Story of Al-Khidr & Musa

· The Story of Cave People 

· The Story of Garden People

You can also complete your story with videos. There are numerous video stories of the Quran developed especially for children online. This will help children to grasp stories way better. 

    4-Don’t Rush through Quran Stories

When you are teaching stories of the Quran, let your children understand them slowly without any haste to move to next. This will break the natural pace of understanding and children would feel being pushed to hear stories. 

    5-Seek Supervision of Expert Tutors Online

Online tutoring has made learning Quran quite easier for kids. If you have left some gaps in delivering the basics of the Quran, you can trust our highly experienced online tutors to deliver the Quran stories & teachings in the most engaging manners. Our tutors specifically design engaging lessons for children of every age group. 

How should I teach Quran Reading to Kids?

Introducing Quran recitation to younger kids might be difficult. The kids are not familiar with this language and might not show any interest in recitation. You should follow the below stepwise procedure to make Quran recitation more interesting for kids:

1.  Pick the Convenient Time

Pick a favourable time for learning recitation. You can fix a few hours on weekends or part of an hour daily with your children for Quran recitation learning sessions.

2. Prepare Children for Reading Quran

Tell your children the importance of what they are going to learn. Teach them that these are commands of Allah and it was revealed to Holy Prophet.

3. Take Aid from Audio & Video Content

Use audio & video recordings to engage your children in the learning process. You can pick videos and audio learning materials on Quran recitation.

4. Start by reciting the Tauuz 

Start slowly, word by word, and encourage your kid to repeat the words after you so they can learn the right pronunciation.

5. Start Next with Surah Ikhla Verses

Surah Ikhlas is very brief and easy to recite too for children. You can start reading the first verse and ask your children to repeat them afterward.

6. Complete Reciting of Surah Ikhlas 

 Encourage your children to recite the surah on their own without any help. You should motivate them to say even a few words if they couldn’t remember all of it.

7. Welcome Mistakes

Mistakes discourage the learning process of children. You can encourage them that mistakes aren’t that bad and they should continue reciting the surah even if they think they are doing it wrong.

8. Small Reward at End

 Small rewards like their favourite cookie or cake at the end. This will help to keep them encouraged.

9. Regular Schedule

 Repeat the same schedule daily and make sure not to miss it without any issue.

How Should I Teach Quran Memorization to Kids?

1.  Move from Reading to Memorization

You should make sure that your child has gone through the reading of verses before. If they have read it before, it would be a lot easier to memorize. If they haven’t read, you shall encourage them to read and repeat the words.

2.  Memorizing Ayah Word By Word

Read and ask your child to repeat every word of short ayah six to seven times until they start reciting the words on their own.

3.  Memorizing ayah by ayah.

After the word-by-word session, you shall receive one compete ayah before your children. You should ask them to repeat the same. This session should last about twenty minutes.

4.  Take help from audio aid

Use famous Quran reciters’ audio recordings to aid the learning of your child. Children can learn from listening many times the same ayah. This will also help them learn with proper pronunciation and tajweed.

5.  Teach Rhythm in Verses

After they listen to famous Quran reciters, repeat the same recitation in your voice before them for few times until they get it completely. Ask them to repeat the verse in rhythm as you just did before them. 

6. Revise daily.

Children might be curious to recite & memorize the next ayah. Don’t encourage them to go to next but ask them to recite the previously learned ayah every day until they start to recite it without any reluctance. 

Can I Memorize Quran Online At Home?

You can learn Quran right at the premises of your home from world-renowned Quran tutors online. You need to perfect your recitation if you want to teach the correct recitation to your children. You can also enrol your children in our online Quran tutoring classes. We have specially designed Quran courses as per the capacity of every age group. 

The flexibility of Quran learning without leaving your homes is a great opportunity for new aspirants. Our simple yet engaging Quran lessons will make sure that your children learn the perfect recitation and memorization of the Quran.