What are the five Rewards for Reciting Holy Quran?

What are the five Rewards for Reciting Holy Quran?


Holy Quran is the most sacred book of Muslims. It is the way of life demanded by Allah Almighty. The book guides every sphere of life—the results of good deeds and wrong deeds in Akhirah. We must read Holy Quran and seek guidance from it. Apart from understanding the teachings of the Holy Quran, Allah Almighty has attached limitless rewards on just reading the verses of the Holy Quran. We will be going through the five rewards of reading the Quran here.


Advocate on Judgment Day

Holy Quran rewards its readers on the day of Akhirah. This is one of the greatest rewards of just reading the verses of the Holy Quran. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that the Holy Quran would become our advocate on judgment for the reciters. The words of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are: “Read the Quran because it will become your arbitrator on the day of Judgment. This hadith has been recorded in Sahih Muslim.


Calmness of Heart

Allah Almighty has placed immense powers in the verses of the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty asks us to read the Holy Quran because it is the only way towards inner calmness. Most of us feel depressed in our daily life. This is because we aren’t reading Quran. We have become so busy in our robotic life that we don’t have any time to recite Holy Quran daily. This leads to stress and psychological problems. The only solution is reciting the Holy Quran because it brings peace to the heart.


A solution to Every Problem

Holy Quran covers every aspect of our life problems. There isn’t an issue that has not been addressed in Holy Quran. From personal life to social obligations and business ethics, we will find complete guidance from Almighty. We are stuck in our lives because we don’t take help from Quran in our daily life issues. We must seek guidance from the Almighty through Holy Quran to solve all our problems.


Direct Communication with Almighty

Have you thought of talking to Almighty? This is possible through reciting Holy Quran. Almighty communicates with us through Holy Quran. So if you want to talk to Allah Almighty, it is possible through Holy Quran. Allah Almighty is a great way to communicate with Almighty and learn about Almighty commands and rulings. It is the biggest source of guidance directly from Allah Almighty.


Ten Rewards for Reciting Each Letter

You can earn numerous rewards by reading a single verse. Allah Almighty has attached ten rewards on reading every letter of the Holy Quran. You can think of numerous counts on rewards on the verses and unlimited on finishing a complete surah. Earning rewards is so easy with reciting Holy Quran.


These ten rewards are multiplied many times on special sacred nights of the year. One such night is a night of Qadr that occurs on the 27th of Ramadan every year. The reward gets multiplied by one thousand times.

Earning rewards is so much easy when you have Holy Quran. We can earn blessings daily by reciting just a single page of the Holy Quran daily.



Holy Quran has immense benefits for Muslims. The Holy Book is the complete source of guidance to lead a successful life and earn rewards on judgment day. The verses are so powerful that it affects the hearts of everyone and cures every disease. There are numerous rewards attached to the only recitation of the Holy Quran. We must recite Quran daily to remain guided towards the right path.


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Let us understand Quran completely and make it our way of life as it is the most authentic source of guidance directly from Allah Almighty.