Simple but Best Teacher

What are the Qualities of the Best Quran Tutor?


A right Quran tutor will make learning the Quran very easy for your children. The tutor will guide your child on every aspect of the Quran. Starting from learning to recite the Quran, understanding tajweed & memorization, the Quran tutor will be helping out on every step.

However, finding a good Quran tutor is not that easy when you do not know the qualities to look out for in the Quran tutor. We are providing you are the top qualities of a Quran tutor when you head to hiring a Quran tutor for your children.


Academic & Professional Excellence

A well-qualified Quran tutor with relevant professional experience is the most reliable one. The credibility of qualified tutors will be complimented further if they have certifications from accredited religious institutes. Experienced tutors would have a good amount of experience in teaching the Quran to students with different aptitudes. They will quickly understand the student learning behaviors and will deliver the perfect Quran lessons adjusting to student learning pace.


Profound Command & Knowledge

A good Quran tutor will have excellent command over the aspects of the Quran. Quran tutors should be capable enough to deliver lessons without making an error. We are well aware that reciting Quran without proper linguistic knowledge has a greater room for errors. The experienced Quran tutors will not commit these mistakes and teach every aspect of the Holy Quran in the perfect manners.


Apart from a sound knowledge of the dimensions of the Quran, tutors should welcome & encourage questions from children.


Politeness & Adjustability

Delivering Quran to children is not that straightforward job. All children do not learn in the same manner. Some are fast learners, while some follow a slow pace. A good Quran tutor should understand the learning style of every student and adjust to it. Politeness in teaching style is one of the most effective communication styles for new learners.


Available & Accessible

A good Quran tutor shall be accessible anytime. This is not possible when you need to head to madrassa or mosque to meet your Quran tutor. However, this is not a constraint in the case of online Quran tutors. An online Quran tutor is available round the clock because they just have to go live from any location to meet with their students. Therefore, an excellent online Quran tutor will be available whenever required for counseling or advice.


Good Role Model of Quran Teachings

A good Quran tutor would also be more practical in educating children. They will encourage children to say salaam when they meet up and correct the way of saying goodbyes. In this way, they will eventually reach the right teachings of the Holy Quran alongside the correct recitation principles. A Quran teacher will also be a role model for the Islamic way of life to children. They must present the perfect picture of the Holy Quran and Islamic teachings to children.


Be Hafiz of Quran

A hafiz Quran tutor will no doubt be the best teacher in many ways. First, the hafiz has profound memory and would never make a mistake in teaching Quran. Second, a hafiz tutor is a practical role model for children to memorize the Quran and feel more motivated towards hifz. If you want your child to become a hafiz, the best way to motivate them is to hire a hafiz Quran tutor for your children.


Responsible & Sincere

Teaching Quran is a sacred job. It cannot be done casually. Quran tutor has to be very careful and responsible in teaching Quran; otherwise, they will commit a bigger sin if they make even a tiny mistake. The meanings of verses may change, and their students will follow the same mistake throughout their lives. Therefore, Quran tutors cannot miss-pronounce even a single word of the Quran, being a sacred responsibility.


You would easily find the above top qualities in online Quran tutors than in schools or madrassa. This is because students can connect with Quran tutors from any corner of the world. There are no physical restrictions involved in finding the best Quran tutor, even from far-flung areas. You can choose the best Quran tutors for your children in a few clicks at our platform.