How Learning Quran Online is best for Females

How Learning Quran Online is best for Females?

How Learning Quran Online is best for Females

How Learning Quran Online is best for Females?


Quran learning is essential for both males & females. You would not be called a Muslim if you have never learned Quran in your entire life. Muslims must offer five times prayer and they need to know Quran to recite the verses during their prayers. Most of us would still remember the times they used to go to mosques to learn Noorani Qaida and the fundamentals of the Quran.


The idea of stepping out of home for learning the Quran isn’t convenient for many females. That is why females used to learn Quran from their mothers at home. However, online Quran learning has brought so many advantages to everyone. Let us see below how productive online Quran classes for females are:


No Travelling Hassles

Most females need their brother or father to drop them at institutes and then pick them from institutes again. But it is hard for brothers & father to be available every day for this duty. As a result, most females skip going to learning institutes. Some are independent but they don’t have the vehicle to commute to distant learning institutes. Some even can’t find buses going to their Quran institutions.


Online Quran classes make it possible to learn without stepping out of the home.


No Security Concerns

Females may be living in an area that isn’t much secure. Due to such reasons, parents would not allow them to go out of home in the evening. On the way around, the teacher might not be willing to come to teach you due to the risk of being robbed in the midway. These constraints have been limiting females to learning Quran from the professional teachers but this isn’t any problem if you want to learn online.


Best Tutors in Affordable Charges

You could have been lucky in finding a female Quran teacher but still, the charges for the homecoming teacher will be double or even more from the online teachers. You can select one of the finest online Quran tutors at the most convenient prices. This would be a lot of comfortable and economic options to learn from experts.


NO need to find female teachers everywhere

You may have a solution of female Quran teachers in mind. But finding a competent female teacher isn’t an easy job. The chances of hiring the best female teacher are minimal. This is due to the reason that female teachers are quite scarce and they are not available in every locality. You might have to hire a female teacher from far away and she would charge a lot for the traveling expenses.


No Hijab Issues 

The most easily available options are to choose from the male Quran teachers. However, learning from males doesn’t matter if you are a younger age. But females might not feel comfortable in their later ages. Some girls do hijab and they would find it hard to learn from males. On the other hand, females feel a lot comfortable with females but they would charge a lot for home-based tutoring services due to higher demands.


Never Miss Classes

Teachers commuting to your place might not be able to maintain a hundred percent attendance. This is not intentional but due to a variety of unavoidable reasons. These can include bike or car malfunction, tire issues, or strikes in the town. A mild sickness can lead to absence because the teacher has to travel miles to reach your destination.


Why Females Should Enroll in Our Online Quran Classes?

- You pay low for the online classes but learn from the best female experts.

- You learn from your comfort zones of homes

- You learn from your won complete secure location

- You don’t have to wait for the teacher because you will be notified online

- You don’t have hijab issues with your teacher as you don’t need to come live

- You and your teacher maintain one hundred percent attendance

- Mild sickness isn’t a problem because you just have to log on to the computer


Females now don’t have to worry about their security for learning the Quran. They can learn from the finest Quran male & female teachers similarly as males do. They can become best reciters just by learning from the drawing rooms of their homes.


Our online platform consists of the best female and male Quran tutors. We are providing a few free classes with the excellent Quran teachers of your choice so that you can only pay when you are fully confident in our teaching style.


Teaching Students with Different Learning Styles

Teaching Students with Different Learning Styles

Teaching Students with Different Learning Styles

Teaching Students with Different Learning Styles


Every student is talented in a different way. Students have different learning styles too. A student struggling with a certain learning style might excel with another one. The tutors must be vigilant to track the learning style of every student. The teachers must be able to identify the learning styles of students.


Of course, this can’t happen in a class of twenty or thirty students. A single teacher does not have time to look closely at the struggles of every student in their class. This is the major reason many talented students are left way behind in academics just because the teacher doesn’t understand their learning styles.


In the case of tutoring like that provided on our platform, students are taught through one-to-one interactive sessions.


Let’s discuss three different styles of learners and how to identify them:


Visual Learner Students


These learners rely on a visual learning style of communication. They would like to see every bit of information their selves.

It is the only way they can understand things. You can identify these students saying phrases like, would you show this to me, or can I see it myself?. These students need visual examinations to develop clear concepts of the course material.

Visual learners may be a bit slower in grasping concepts. Teachers might find these students a bit distracted in classes. This is due to the reasons that they need to visualize concepts before actually understanding them well.

You can help visual learners with their struggles in many ways. Some useful ways are:

  • Teach students through graphical representations, diagrams, videos, photographs, and handouts, etc
  • Highlight main points of course content for them so they can emphasize more on such lines
  • Present course text in different sizes and styles so that students remain engaged in lessons
  • It would be best if you avoided longer paragraphs of texts without any diagrams or photographs
  • It would be best if you did not teach them at a faster pace as they need to visualize concepts


Auditory Learner Students

These learners depend more on vocals. They won’t grasp any material that can only be read or seen by the eyes. If you have course content well explained through photographs and diagrams, it won’t do any good to auditory learners. These learners can remember seventy percent of the course material if they hear it.

You can identify auditory learners when they say, “can you explain it to me?” tell me more about it, or can we talk more about these concepts.

Auditory learners are a lot more focused than visual ones. They can hear and process information for long periods without a single distraction. However, be ready to answer a lot of questions. Auditory learners will question a lot to understand everything about the information.

You can help these learners in many ways. Some of these are:

  • Teach students in a noise-free environment and without distractions
  • It would be best if you read the lessons to them instead of asking them to read by themselves
  • You should engage with them by asking lot of questions
  • Try making rhythms for words in the lessons
  • Ask them to record their voices when they read lessons and hear these lectures


Kinesthetic Learner Students

These learners are the practical ones. They would ask to learn by practicing themselves. They need practice experience to learn things. Tutors would have to deliver the practical versions of very lessons they would be teaching to these students. You might try to teach them through many visual or auditory tools, but they would ask you the same thing; can I try it myself?

They rely on doing tasks practically to learn the different concepts. You can identify kinesthetic learners easily. They are often found tapping their feet or fidgeting while learning new concepts.

Ways you can support kinesthetic learners include:

  • It would be best to encourage them to take their notes instead of reading & listening.
  • You must be given frequent breaks to them so they can relax themselves
  • You should use concrete items to teach them different concepts



Our tutors identify the specific learning style of the student in the first teaching sessions. We design our courses with the pace and learning styles of students. Our specifically tailored course material helps every student to understand every aspect of the tough subjects.


Teaching Child to Perform Salah

Five Most Effective Ways of Teaching Salah to Kids

Teaching Child to Perform Salah

Five Most Effective Ways of Teaching Salah to Kids


Teaching payer to kids is one of the most prime responsibilities of Muslim parents. Salah needs to be taught in the most effective ways as the learning will be followed for the whole lifetime. We are going to provide you with the most effective route map to educate your children on Salah.


1. Making Salah A Priority

The priority you make for prayers in your daily life has a direct impact on your children. You might think that they don't observe your prayer schedule closely, but your activities have strong memory imprints on your children. You should try not to miss prayer intentionally, even in the busiest schedules. If you are planning to go outside with children, choose the times that don't overlap with prayers. If you are outside and it's prayers time, you must tell your children that we have to perform the prayer first in the nearby mosque. These examples will motivate children to perform Salah as a priority.


2. Enthusiasm & Positivity towards Salah

Your perception of prayer counts a lot. If you show cheerful feelings towards Salah, your children are going to develop the same perception. If you start your every day with fajr and you mention to your children that your day is going to be free from all evils, then it would develop the same mindset for your children.

Being a parent, you must remind payer times to children five times a day. However, it should be done with love & politeness like; Assalam O Alaikum! Wake up my child and perform Salah! Don't miss it, child, you will lose all Barakah today!


If you feel that child isn't responding to your call, you must still not force it and keep reminding them on every prayer time. It is quite essential to leave pleasant impacts of payer on children without using force.


3. Aspire Salah through Bed Time Stories

One of the most exciting ways to teach the importance of Salah is through bedtime stories. You should use stories of Prophets & saints who didn't miss Salah even under the life threats. It is also a productive approach to mention a slighter side of punishment like the punishment of grave for the ones who miss Salah. However, it is more advisable to teach Salah on motivating approach, so children don't develop the feeling of offering prayers just to avoid punishment.


Children should be taught the countless blessings of Allah Almighty through bedtime stories as well. Children must be taught to offer gratitude to Allah Almighty for the immense blessings on mankind.


4. Don't Rush Through Prayer & Wudhu Obligations

You must keep motivating children five times a day towards prayers. There is no need to rush through the rules of wudhu & offer prayers. You must encourage children if they are copying your prayers. Motivation is the only thing that can keep them interested in learning more about prayers principles. You can tell them with the time that they need to perform wudhu before offering prayers. Then you can step further towards teaching them the obligatory acts of wudhu and prayers.


Some of the more motivating ways can be to ask your child to say adhan & lead the following prayer. You can also ask them to help you will setting up prayer mats or follow you for wudhu.


5. Praise & Rewards for Offering Salah

After the child completes prayer, you must praise them for their efforts. You can use statements like Wow! You made a great effort towards finishing the Asar prayer. Similarly, it was great to see you offer fajr, now you have a day full of barakah. Likewise, it is pretty wonderful to see you perform wudhu without any mistakes today.

You can add up little rewards at the accomplishment of each prayer. Try giving them their favorite cookie whenever they finish the prayer. In this way, they would make more efforts in the childhood towards prayers and getting cookies at the end.


These five encouraging methods have proven to be more effective in introducing Salah to kids than any others. It is more crucial to instill positive & motivating feelings towards Salah in children as they need to learn to offer prayers by heart and not just to complete their religious responsibility. This positive attitude will extend throughout their lives.




Teaching Quran to Kids

Teaching Quran to Kids

Teaching Quran to Kids

Teaching Quran to Kids

Teaching Quran to your children is the most rewarding deed in Akhirah. Children are usually curious to learn and experiment with new things. A parent should follow a similar approach to increase the curiosity of learning the Holy Quran among children.

Here are the most creative ways to teach Quran to your children:

    1-Select Pleasant Spot 

You should select a good silent spot of home to teach Holy Quran. You should think of some engaging creative ways to start with the introduction of the Holy Quran. You should also try to make your kid curious to know more about the Holy Book and its guidance. 

    2-Start with Small Steps

You should avoid starting with verses directly. You should make the process easy and simple as per the capacity of your child. If you are planning to deliver tauuz and tasmiyah, you shall first break down the Tauuz and Tasmiyah in very small steps.

    3-Start With Interesting Quran Stories

You can start with Quranic stories of different Prophets. You can teach your children that you are starting with a specific Surah and it has the story of the Prophet. You can begin with the shortest surah and provide a summary of its revealing time and how it impacted the times it was revealed. 

You can take interesting stories of the following surahs for your reference:

· The Story of Habil and Qabil

· The Story of Al-Khidr & Musa

· The Story of Cave People 

· The Story of Garden People

You can also complete your story with videos. There are numerous video stories of the Quran developed especially for children online. This will help children to grasp stories way better. 

    4-Don’t Rush through Quran Stories

When you are teaching stories of the Quran, let your children understand them slowly without any haste to move to next. This will break the natural pace of understanding and children would feel being pushed to hear stories. 

    5-Seek Supervision of Expert Tutors Online

Online tutoring has made learning Quran quite easier for kids. If you have left some gaps in delivering the basics of the Quran, you can trust our highly experienced online tutors to deliver the Quran stories & teachings in the most engaging manners. Our tutors specifically design engaging lessons for children of every age group. 

How should I teach Quran Reading to Kids?

Introducing Quran recitation to younger kids might be difficult. The kids are not familiar with this language and might not show any interest in recitation. You should follow the below stepwise procedure to make Quran recitation more interesting for kids:

1.  Pick the Convenient Time

Pick a favourable time for learning recitation. You can fix a few hours on weekends or part of an hour daily with your children for Quran recitation learning sessions.

2. Prepare Children for Reading Quran

Tell your children the importance of what they are going to learn. Teach them that these are commands of Allah and it was revealed to Holy Prophet.

3. Take Aid from Audio & Video Content

Use audio & video recordings to engage your children in the learning process. You can pick videos and audio learning materials on Quran recitation.

4. Start by reciting the Tauuz 

Start slowly, word by word, and encourage your kid to repeat the words after you so they can learn the right pronunciation.

5. Start Next with Surah Ikhla Verses

Surah Ikhlas is very brief and easy to recite too for children. You can start reading the first verse and ask your children to repeat them afterward.

6. Complete Reciting of Surah Ikhlas 

 Encourage your children to recite the surah on their own without any help. You should motivate them to say even a few words if they couldn’t remember all of it.

7. Welcome Mistakes

Mistakes discourage the learning process of children. You can encourage them that mistakes aren’t that bad and they should continue reciting the surah even if they think they are doing it wrong.

8. Small Reward at End

 Small rewards like their favourite cookie or cake at the end. This will help to keep them encouraged.

9. Regular Schedule

 Repeat the same schedule daily and make sure not to miss it without any issue.

How Should I Teach Quran Memorization to Kids?

1.  Move from Reading to Memorization

You should make sure that your child has gone through the reading of verses before. If they have read it before, it would be a lot easier to memorize. If they haven’t read, you shall encourage them to read and repeat the words.

2.  Memorizing Ayah Word By Word

Read and ask your child to repeat every word of short ayah six to seven times until they start reciting the words on their own.

3.  Memorizing ayah by ayah.

After the word-by-word session, you shall receive one compete ayah before your children. You should ask them to repeat the same. This session should last about twenty minutes.

4.  Take help from audio aid

Use famous Quran reciters' audio recordings to aid the learning of your child. Children can learn from listening many times the same ayah. This will also help them learn with proper pronunciation and tajweed.

5.  Teach Rhythm in Verses

After they listen to famous Quran reciters, repeat the same recitation in your voice before them for few times until they get it completely. Ask them to repeat the verse in rhythm as you just did before them. 

6. Revise daily.

Children might be curious to recite & memorize the next ayah. Don’t encourage them to go to next but ask them to recite the previously learned ayah every day until they start to recite it without any reluctance. 

Can I Memorize Quran Online At Home?

You can learn Quran right at the premises of your home from world-renowned Quran tutors online. You need to perfect your recitation if you want to teach the correct recitation to your children. You can also enrol your children in our online Quran tutoring classes. We have specially designed Quran courses as per the capacity of every age group. 

The flexibility of Quran learning without leaving your homes is a great opportunity for new aspirants. Our simple yet engaging Quran lessons will make sure that your children learn the perfect recitation and memorization of the Quran. 


Simple but Best Teacher

What are the Qualities of the Best Quran Tutor?

Simple but Best Teacher

What are the Qualities of the Best Quran Tutor?


A right Quran tutor will make learning the Quran very easy for your children. The tutor will guide your child on every aspect of the Quran. Starting from learning to recite the Quran, understanding tajweed & memorization, the Quran tutor will be helping out on every step.

However, finding a good Quran tutor is not that easy when you do not know the qualities to look out for in the Quran tutor. We are providing you are the top qualities of a Quran tutor when you head to hiring a Quran tutor for your children.


Academic & Professional Excellence

A well-qualified Quran tutor with relevant professional experience is the most reliable one. The credibility of qualified tutors will be complimented further if they have certifications from accredited religious institutes. Experienced tutors would have a good amount of experience in teaching the Quran to students with different aptitudes. They will quickly understand the student learning behaviors and will deliver the perfect Quran lessons adjusting to student learning pace.


Profound Command & Knowledge

A good Quran tutor will have excellent command over the aspects of the Quran. Quran tutors should be capable enough to deliver lessons without making an error. We are well aware that reciting Quran without proper linguistic knowledge has a greater room for errors. The experienced Quran tutors will not commit these mistakes and teach every aspect of the Holy Quran in the perfect manners.


Apart from a sound knowledge of the dimensions of the Quran, tutors should welcome & encourage questions from children.


Politeness & Adjustability

Delivering Quran to children is not that straightforward job. All children do not learn in the same manner. Some are fast learners, while some follow a slow pace. A good Quran tutor should understand the learning style of every student and adjust to it. Politeness in teaching style is one of the most effective communication styles for new learners.


Available & Accessible

A good Quran tutor shall be accessible anytime. This is not possible when you need to head to madrassa or mosque to meet your Quran tutor. However, this is not a constraint in the case of online Quran tutors. An online Quran tutor is available round the clock because they just have to go live from any location to meet with their students. Therefore, an excellent online Quran tutor will be available whenever required for counseling or advice.


Good Role Model of Quran Teachings

A good Quran tutor would also be more practical in educating children. They will encourage children to say salaam when they meet up and correct the way of saying goodbyes. In this way, they will eventually reach the right teachings of the Holy Quran alongside the correct recitation principles. A Quran teacher will also be a role model for the Islamic way of life to children. They must present the perfect picture of the Holy Quran and Islamic teachings to children.


Be Hafiz of Quran

A hafiz Quran tutor will no doubt be the best teacher in many ways. First, the hafiz has profound memory and would never make a mistake in teaching Quran. Second, a hafiz tutor is a practical role model for children to memorize the Quran and feel more motivated towards hifz. If you want your child to become a hafiz, the best way to motivate them is to hire a hafiz Quran tutor for your children.


Responsible & Sincere

Teaching Quran is a sacred job. It cannot be done casually. Quran tutor has to be very careful and responsible in teaching Quran; otherwise, they will commit a bigger sin if they make even a tiny mistake. The meanings of verses may change, and their students will follow the same mistake throughout their lives. Therefore, Quran tutors cannot miss-pronounce even a single word of the Quran, being a sacred responsibility.


You would easily find the above top qualities in online Quran tutors than in schools or madrassa. This is because students can connect with Quran tutors from any corner of the world. There are no physical restrictions involved in finding the best Quran tutor, even from far-flung areas. You can choose the best Quran tutors for your children in a few clicks at our platform.