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What makes it hard to Memorize Quran?


Every one of us wishes to earn the prestigious title of Hafiz. This is also one of the noblest deeds in Islam. However, it presents a lot of challenges at the beginning and many children get discouraged due to a lack of planning in memorizing the Quran.

Let us discuss the problems faced by students who start to memorize Quran. We will also be providing you with the solutions to these problems if you have just started memorizing Holy Quran.


1) Thoughts of Discouragement

Holy Quran comprises one hundred fourteen chapters and thirty divisions that contain thousands of verses. The idea of memorizing them all can make you discouraged at the very start. You may think I don’t hold that much capacity to save thousands of verses in my memory altogether.

These are more common discouraging thoughts that should be ignored. Instead, you shall pray from Allah Almighty to ease up the memorization process. You should build a firm understanding that Allah has made memorization Quran easier and you will get hold of its verses very soon.


2) Language Barrier

Arabic natives could easily memorize Holy Quran as they understand every word of it. You can easily memorize the verses if you understand them like Arabs. But with the spread of Islam all over the world, billions of Muslims are now non-Arabic speakers. They don’t understand Arabic. That is why non-Arab students have to put in more effort to memorize the verses which they don’t understand at all.


3) Learning Tajweed

Tajweed rules are compulsory to pronounce Quran verses correctly. Children must learn and memorize Tajweed’s basic rules at the start to memorize and recite Quran in the correct manners. However, learning Tajweed on your own adds to the difficulties for new aspirants at the beginning. The students have to learn the Tajweed rules first which requires time and supervision from expert tutors. If students get stuck in Tajweed, they would easily lose their interest in memorizing Quran.


4) Forgetting Memorization

This is another common difficulty faced by students. Most students forget the already memorized part of the Quran after a day or two. They feel that they can’t recall the previous part while heading to the next one in a few days. They feel disappointed to have lost the track of verses they memorized a few days ago.

This issue is solved easily when you follow the right approach for memorizing Holy Quran. This includes regular revisions along with the schedule of memorizing the next parts so you won’t forget the previous part.


5) Lack of Supervision

A well-qualified Quran teacher is harder to find. Most teachers won’t provide you the accurate attention on your memorization process as they would be teaching to a lot of students at a time. Your child may also get easily distracted by other students at regular memorization classes of high schools or mosques.

Our well-qualified tutors make sure to provide all attention to your child’s memorization as we teach Quran through one-to-one online tutoring services. The distractions are already close to zero since there isn’t any noise or other students involved in the entire memorization process.


6) Over-occupied

The memorization process needs a dedicated time slot when you can easily provide your full attention to verses. This won’t be possible mostly if you are attending full-time school and completing homework at home. You won’t have sufficient time to concentrate fully on the memorization process. Even if parents vacate a few hours for Hifz, their children won’t be mentally ready to absorb anything more.

It is best to memorize Quran at preschool times where children haven’t started getting homework. They don’t have school hours to attend and they can fully concentrate on Hifz easily.


Is Memorizing Online the ultimate solution?

These challenges are faced by every Quran student. Most of them have to leave memorization in the middle when they don’t find a solution to these problems. Memorizing Quran online doesn’t involve any distractions. It ensures the full attention of students, as well as a teacher as online memorization classes, are mostly one-to-one sessions.

Your children also have a lot of independence in selecting their flexible schedule for memorizing the Quran. They can select hours late in the evening or even in early mornings to suit their ease. It won’t be a problem for our online tutors as their learning process is from the comfort of their homes.


Our expert tutors are available round the clock to aid your children in Quran memorization from the comfort of homes. There is no need to step out of homes in pandemic times when you can get the finest tutoring services at your doorsteps.