Teaching Quran to Kids

Do I Need to Visit Mosques to learn Quran recitation?


The most traditional ways of learning the Quran required mosques. Muslim males used to spend time reciting Quran after prayers. While Muslim females followed similar practices inside homes. With the advent of technology, the conventional concepts of limiting Quran reading to mosques are long gone.


Reading Quran is all the way available on computers and mobile phones. You can read Quran easily at a lot of internet websites at your fingertips without going to mosques. 

However, you have to select the right online website for reading Quran. A good quality website will provide a remarkable user experience with a lot of excellent features for Quran reading visitors. Here are some of the important features to look out for in the online Quran reading website:


Features of Online Quran Reading Websites

A good online Quran reading website has an audio feature along with Quran text. It is mostly hard for a lot of people to concentrate on a computer or mobile screens for more than an hour but listening can be easily done for many hours. It is also more beneficial to listen to the recitation of expert Quran reciters for the most accurate pronunciations.

  • The website should have a complete Quran download feature so you don’t have to be connected to the internet all the time during recitation. You should also look for websites that don’t ask you to make membership accounts or force you to register before providing access to reading of Quran. 
  • You should also look for a user-friendly experience. Some websites may not have a scrolling feature while some will take a lot of time to load up the Holy Quran pages. You should spare some time to select the best website.
  • You should also look for websites that allow you to print the complete Quran. Sometimes you might want to read from the printed version while you are heading away from home. Some people can’t concentrate on digital screens while they are traveling. In such situations, you would be able to read Quran from the printed version as per your comfort.


Can I read Quran online without knowing Arabic?

This isn’t a requirement when you have a lot of internet websites to help you out in reading. You can use the audio feature on websites if you are not familiar with Arabic. The audio feature will be able to pronounce word by word and you can follow the audio to pronounce Arabic words. 


You may also find Holy Quran in translated versions in your native language. You can switch between Arabic and native versions to learn Arabic. 


Reading Quran online is a lot easier due to too many helping features for online readers. Readers can turn on audio modes, translations, and Tafseer features along with simple Arabic verses to aid them in the recitation process. This isn’t possible when you head to mosques for reciting Quran. 






However, it requires your sincerity and determination to understand and learn Quran. If you have strong enthusiasm for learning Quran but you don’t know how to speak Arabic, you can start with a good online website and try finishing the maximum pages of the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty has made the Quran understanding easy for those who have a sincere intention to understand it by heart.