Important Surah to Memorize from Holy Quran

The Seven Important Surah to Memorize from Holy Quran

Important Surah to Memorize from Holy Quran

The Seven Important Surah to Memorize from Holy Quran


Every Surah of the Holy Quran carries its significance. Some provide the rulings on human rights while others on the Islamic way of life. Each of us should learn the complete Holy Quran by heart. It is indeed a great honor to be Hafiz of the Holy Quran in Islam. There are countless blessings of Almighty on Hafiz in the life hereafter. However, starters can pick the brief Surah first to make up their pace with learning of Holy Quran. Some Surahs are quite easy to memorize for new learners. These include some brief and long Surah.


If you want to be choosy in your memorizing style, you can start with these brief & long Surahs of the Holy Quran to develop your memorization pace.


Shortest Surahs To Memorize

Memorizing short surah would look like an easy goal for new learners. That is why we have compiled the list of most easy memorizable surah hereunder:


1) Surah Al-Fatiha

One of the easiest Surahs of the Holy Quran is Surah Al-Fatiha. The word Fatiha means beginning. As clear by the meaning, it is the very first Surah of the Holy Quran. It is vital to recite surah Al-Fatiha in every Rakat of your five times prayer. Surah Al-Fathia includes only seven verses.


2) Surat Al-Kahf

It is the 18th Surah of the Holy Quran and comprises one hundred & ten verses. It is considered quite an important Surah as said by the Holy Prophet (PBUH): “One who memorized the first ten verses or ayahs of Surah Al Kahf will be secure against the Dajjal.” (Saheeh Muslim).


3) Surah Al-Kafirun

One of the shortest surahs of the Holy Quran is Surah Al-Kafirun. It contains only six verses and is placed in the last chapter of the Holy Quran. This surah is highly recommended for reciting during the long journey. It is one of the most easily memorized surahs of the Holy Quran.


Long Surahs To Memorize

We have a general perception that lengthy surahs are always hard to memorize. But some lengthy surah is quite easy to memorize apart from others. We are listing down the easiest memorizable lengthy ones to start your memorization.


1) Surah Baqarah


Don’t think of this Surah as the hardest target for memorization. This surah might have 286 verses in it but still, it is quite easy for most hafiz to memorize Surah Baqrah among another long surah. We will be discussing the smart strategy to memorize Surah Baqrah in our next posts. Stay tuned to our blog to get the most useful tips on memorizing this Surah online.


2) Surah Rahman

Surah Rahman has 78 verses and it is one of the most important lengthy surahs to memorize for new learners of the Holy Quran. It is the manifestation of Allah Almighty's countless blessings on mankind. It also has a lot of scientific importance on universe architecture. It has been mostly recited in numerous rhythmic styles by famous reciters all over the world.


3) Surah Yaseen

It is called the Heart of the Holy Quran. This surah contains 83 verses and is the thirty-sixth surah of the Holy Quran. It was revealed in Makkah to Holy Prophet (PBUH). There are a lot of medical benefits related to this Surah. It is often recited and memorized by Muslims around the world.


4) Surah Waqiah

Waqiah means the unavoidable or the occurrence. It depicts the outcomes of people's acts in the afterlife and their fates. The surah contains 96 total verses and is in the 56th place in Surah order. Surah Al Waqiah was revealed to Holy Prophet before migrating to Madinah.


Can I Memorize Above Surah Online?

Memorizing a surah online doesn’t take effort when you learn them from our Quran tutors. Our tutors are making the memorization process very easy by implementing the finest step-wise memorization techniques.

The series of repetition and memorization drills conducted by our experts ensure that you memorize every surah with correct tajweed and pronunciation. We are teaching Tafseer of every Surah too so that you understand every word of your recitation.


You can book a free Quran memorization class today at our platform. After the demo classes, you can continue to paid ones if you feel satisfied with our hifz strategies and practices. Learn from the best Hafiz tutors on our platform.


Child Learning Quran from Noorani Quida

Five Ways to Learn the Most from Noorani Qaida

Child Learning Quran from Noorani Quida

Five Ways to Learn the Most from Noorani Qaida


Noorani Qaida is the first thing that a Muslim child ought to study before studying Quran. It guides a child towards correct pronunciation of Holy words and makes him fluent in reading and reciting Quran.


Noorani Qaid prepares children to recite Holy Quran correctly. It is required to study before the actual recitation of the Holy Quran. Noorani Qaida sets out the basic rules of pronunciation of Arabic words.


We are providing you the expert tips to help your child learn the most from Noorani Qaida.

Knowing Noorani Qaida’s Importance

Noorani Qaida covers the basics of Tajweed. You cannot learn from any book unless you have a sincere intention to learn it. The same goes for Noorani Qaida. The child must understand the prime importance of Noorani Qaida. If they take Noorani Qaida as casual, they would not be reciting Holy Quran correctly in the next phase. On the other hand, if a child learns Noorani Qaida principles by heart, it would have a deeper impact on their pronunciation.


Don't Rush Through Qaida

Many children won't take Noorani Qaida seriously. They would think of Noorani Qaida as simple alphabets pronunciation rules. On the other hand, parents may also be willing to rush their children through the booklet without assessing their understanding. We must know the fact that the right understanding of tajweed is essential to recite the Holy Quran perfectly. If we don’t pay much attention to Noorani Qaida for our children, we might be leading them to the wrong pronunciation of Holy Quran words.


The best way is to let children learn the Noorani Qaida by heart. They should not be allowed to rush through it. Noorani Qaida may look like a set of alphabets but it plays a vital role in improving the pronunciation of Arabic words.


Learn Qaida from Qualified Quran Tutors

 Of course, you cannot learn the Noorani Qaida by looking at the alphabet. The right pronunciation of alphabets will be taught by the right Quran tutors. If you learn the wrong pronunciation of alphabets by yourself, you would make this mistake through the entire holy Quran. You would be depending on your teacher to teach you in the right manner. It is vital to select the Noorani Qaida teacher from the credible Quran teaching platform.


Our online Quran tutors are highly qualified and have loads of experience in teaching the Holy Quran to students. Select the most favorable Quran tutor from our platform so that you learn the Noorani qaid without any flaws.


Practice Noorani Qaida Every Day

Generally, it is hard to grasp the natural accent of the new language. The same goes for Arabic. You cannot learn the alphabets and pronunciations of Arabic overnight. The right accent of Arabic would come after a lot of practice of Noorani Qaida lessons. Your child should practice Noorani Qaida pronunciation every single day until they start to pronounce the words in a natural tone.


Learn Qaida by Pronouncing in Native language 

It might be hard to remember the pronunciation of every Arabic word. A smart way to do that is to connect the Arabic pronunciation to your language. If you are a native English speaker, you can use English language pronunciation rules for some Arabic words to remember the pronunciation. For example, if you can link pronunciation of saying alphabet A in English to Alif in Arabic. Similarly, Arabic uses Fatha, Kasra & Zumma propositions to connect the Arabic words like propositions of Zabr, Zair & Paish in Urdu.


In a nutshell, you cannot recite Quran without learning Noorani Qaida. It is crucial to learn Noorani Qaida from the best Qaida tutor so that you have a very strong & accurate foundation for reading Holy Quran. 


Quran Teaches us About Good Deeds

13 Good Deeds to Wipe Away Bad Deeds


Quran Teaches us About Good Deeds

13 Good Deeds to Wipe Away Bad Deeds


Allah Almighty forgives every sin of believers when they seek His forgiveness. The doors of forgiveness are never shut till the death. Allah Almighty encourages reverting to the right path even if his servants have committed loads of sins. In verses of Surah Zumar of the Holy Quran, Allah says never to despair from his mercy. The doors of mercy are always open when we repent before Almighty with a true heart

Some of the acts are liked by Allah Almighty so much that He wipes out the sins of anyone who performs them. Here is a brief list of these righteous actions as according to Hadith:

     1- Remembering Almighty during Adhan

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that when someone says these words during Adhan time, all of them committed sins will be washed out.

I bear myself as a witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah Almighty and I endorse Muhammad (PBUH) as his special servant and messenger. I accept Allah Almighty as my master and Islam as my religion and Muhammad (PBUH) as the last Prophet (Sahih Muslim).

     2- Perfection of Ablution

Prophet (PBUH) said that when someone perfectly performs ablution, all of his committed sins will leave his body even from under his fingernails due to the mercy of Allah. This hadith is reported by Uthman ibn Affan.

     3- Performing Five Prayers

Prophet PBUH asked his companions that if there was a river just in front of your door and you are taking bath from it five times a day, do you assume that there will be traces of dirt on the person?. The companions replied with not a single trace would be possible. The Prophet PBUH said that this is how sins are removed through five times prayer. This hadith is reported in Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 505, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 667

     4- Isteghfaar during Nighttime

The hadith about forgiveness during the night has been reported by Abu Huraira, the companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Does Allah say that when the night reaches the third part, the Almighty asks that Is there anyone who seeks his forgiveness or demands anything from Him? Almighty asks mankind to request his forgiveness so Almighty can forgive his servants. This hadith is reported in Sahih Al Bukhari: 8.333.

     5- Acts of Charity

Allah Almighty mentions in Quran that those who perform charity will be rewarded generously for their good deeds. Prophet PBUH urged Muslims to keep doing charity to avoid evil. Prophet PBUH said that it is the charity that becomes an obstacle for the calamities coming in your way. This hadith has been reported in Tirmidhi.

     6- Preparing for Fridays

Prophet PBUH said that whoever prepares for Friday in the best manner, his sins between two Fridays time will be forgiven. The actual words of hadith mention that if someone takes a bath then cleans himself completely & further oils his hair and applied perfume, he sets out for the mosque, don’t rush to separate two persons to make his seat then performs prayers and observes silence while listening to prayer leader, he would be free from his all sins between that Friday and next Friday. This hadith is reported in Al-Bukhari.

     7- Fasting in Ramadan

Prophet PBUH said that whoever fasts with sincere faith in the month of Ramadan in pursuit of reward from Allah, his previous sins would be forgiven.

     8- Praying on Al-Qadr

Prophet PBUH said that whoever offers prayers on Shab Qadr with sincerity of faith in pursuit of Allah’s reward, his previous sins would be forgiven.

     9- Praising Allah Almighty

The significance of tasbeeh has mentioned in the hadith reported by Abu Hurayra, the companion of Holy Prophet PBUH. Prophet PBUH said that when someone recites Glory is for Allah and All Praise is for Him (Subhana’llah wa bi-hamdihi in Arabic) for hundred times in a single day will remove all his sins even if they were lot & excessive like a foam of the sea.

     10- Fasting on Aashura

Prophet PBUH highlighted the importance of fasting on the tenth day of Muharram while saying that Allah will forgive the sins of the previous year for someone who would fast on the day of Ashura.

     11- Fasting on Arafah

The second day of Hajj occurs on the 9th of Dhu al-Hajj. This is called the Day of Arafah. Prophet PBUH said that whoever fasts on the day of Arafah will have his sins forgiven for the previous & next year.

     12- Bearing Fever 

Prophet PBUH highlighted the forgiveness of Allah during fever in the hadith reported by Jabir, the companion of Prophet.

Prophet visited Umm Musaiyyab and asked about her ailment & weakness leading to shivering. She replied that it is the fever. Prophet PBUH mentioned to her that do not think ill of fever as it removes the sins in a similar way like a furnace removes dirt from iron. This hadith has been reported in Sahih Muslims.

     13- Bearing Diseases 

Hadiths about forgiveness of Allah during ailment have been reported by Abu Huraira and Au Sa id. It mentions that a Muslim when gets stricken with ailment, hardships & discomforts, grief, or even mental worries, it acts as a reparation for his sins.


Allah Almighty has opened the doors of forgiveness to believers. There are numerous ways to earn forgiveness for our sins. It is quite easy to seek Almighty forgiveness if we have a sincere faith in returning to the right paths.


Common Ways of Learning Quran

Four Common Ways of Learning Quran

Common Ways of Learning Quran

Four Common Ways of Learning Quran

It's never too late to learn Quran. If you want to teach Quran to your children or learn yourself, you have a variety of options today. The entire life of Muslims rotates around the teachings of Islam and the Holy Quran and it would be very unfortunate if you don’t learn Quran by heart. Every Muslim must understand and practice the teaching of the Holy Quran & Sunnah. We are listing down the wide options to learn Quran for yourself & your children:

· Hiring Quran instructor

· Learning Quran in Mosques

· Self Learning of Quran

· Online Quran Learning

    1. Hiring Quran instructor 

it is the most traditional way of learning the Quran. Parents would look for Quran instructors in the vicinity. However, this method has been quite challenging as finding a good Quran instructor isn’t a piece of cake. Sometimes, parents end up hiring an incompetent instructor while in some cases, children won’t adjust to the teaching styles of hired instructors. Parents keep on searching for better & best Quran instructors and sometimes they won’t find the right one after a lot of effort. 

This method is successful if you can find a well-qualified & experienced Quran instructor.

    2. Learning Quran in Mosques

Learning Quran in mosques is the trend of times of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made masjid the prime location for all life long matters including discussions with companions (Sahabah), solving people problems as per Quran teachings & leading five times prayers. So choosing mosques as children learning spots is following the trends of Sunnah. Children don’t only learn Quran by going to the mosque but they find the chance to get familiar with the mosque environment and observe Muslims praying five times a day. 

Moreover, the Quran instructor is usually the prayer leader of the mosque. The competence of prayer leaders in teaching the Quran is free from any doubts.

    3. Self-Learning of Quran

Self-learning is mostly the method adopted by mature adults or new Muslims who want to do dig into the teachings of the Holy Quran. It is encouraging to do self-efforts in understanding the Quran. It can be done by following the Quran Tafseer available in different languages. A person interested in understanding Tafseer can search for Quran Translation & Tafseer in his native language so it would be easier to understand what is being said in Holy Quran. 

The approach is quite successful for reading & initial learning purposes. However, self-learning is not sufficient for a flawless understanding of the teaching of the Quran. Most of the teachings require a very deep understanding of the basics of Islam and it must be understood from a highly knowledgeable person who has command over the aspects of the Quran. It has been mentioned in Holy Quran that if you don’t follow the teachings right, you may not know and you might commit greater sins. 

    4. Online Quran Learning

These are the methods delivered by the advent of technology. The conventional concept of finding Quran instructors everywhere & arranging Quran learning in mosques are now completely modified in present times. Technology has made all of this Quran learning process quite easy. Everything can be done while sitting at home in front of computer screens. Online instructors from different cultures and countries can connect with students of different cultures & countries in a few clicks. Online Quran learning is being done in the following ways:

Online Skype Tutors

You can find online Quran tutors' contact details easily over the internet. You can ring them up to interchange skype ids and it's all set. You can connect and learn from your instructor through skype anytime.

Android Quran Apps

Android phones have made available tremendous applications at our fingertips. You can easily download numerous Quran translations & Tafseer on androids and start learning Quran from them.

Online Quran Classes

Among online mediums, the most dependable learning process is through online Quran courses. The method is widely being adopted all over the globe. Online Quran classes follow the same teaching process as conventional methods but it is all done remotely. Moreover, unlike finding Quran instructors in the vicinity, you can hire one of the best Quran instructors from around the world at very affordable charges. This method is widely being adopted in USA & UK. It is also catching a lot of fame in Pakistan.


It is more convenient to learn Quran than before due to the availability of a wide variety of mediums of learning. You can opt for the most suitable one to learn Quran for yourself & children. If you don’t want to step out of home, you can easily enroll in online Quran classes and learn perfectly in a similar way as in in-person classes.

We are providing the finest Quran instructors from worldwide to our students’ at the most affordable charges. You can enroll for free to get some free class sessions to judge how we maintain top-notch quality in delivering the best Quran lessons.


Learn Quran without Going to Mosque

Do I Need to Visit Mosques to learn Quran recitation?

Teaching Quran to Kids

Do I Need to Visit Mosques to learn Quran recitation?


The most traditional ways of learning the Quran required mosques. Muslim males used to spend time reciting Quran after prayers. While Muslim females followed similar practices inside homes. With the advent of technology, the conventional concepts of limiting Quran reading to mosques are long gone.


Reading Quran is all the way available on computers and mobile phones. You can read Quran easily at a lot of internet websites at your fingertips without going to mosques. 

However, you have to select the right online website for reading Quran. A good quality website will provide a remarkable user experience with a lot of excellent features for Quran reading visitors. Here are some of the important features to look out for in the online Quran reading website:


Features of Online Quran Reading Websites

A good online Quran reading website has an audio feature along with Quran text. It is mostly hard for a lot of people to concentrate on a computer or mobile screens for more than an hour but listening can be easily done for many hours. It is also more beneficial to listen to the recitation of expert Quran reciters for the most accurate pronunciations.

  • The website should have a complete Quran download feature so you don’t have to be connected to the internet all the time during recitation. You should also look for websites that don’t ask you to make membership accounts or force you to register before providing access to reading of Quran. 
  • You should also look for a user-friendly experience. Some websites may not have a scrolling feature while some will take a lot of time to load up the Holy Quran pages. You should spare some time to select the best website.
  • You should also look for websites that allow you to print the complete Quran. Sometimes you might want to read from the printed version while you are heading away from home. Some people can’t concentrate on digital screens while they are traveling. In such situations, you would be able to read Quran from the printed version as per your comfort.


Can I read Quran online without knowing Arabic?

This isn’t a requirement when you have a lot of internet websites to help you out in reading. You can use the audio feature on websites if you are not familiar with Arabic. The audio feature will be able to pronounce word by word and you can follow the audio to pronounce Arabic words. 


You may also find Holy Quran in translated versions in your native language. You can switch between Arabic and native versions to learn Arabic. 


Reading Quran online is a lot easier due to too many helping features for online readers. Readers can turn on audio modes, translations, and Tafseer features along with simple Arabic verses to aid them in the recitation process. This isn’t possible when you head to mosques for reciting Quran. 






However, it requires your sincerity and determination to understand and learn Quran. If you have strong enthusiasm for learning Quran but you don’t know how to speak Arabic, you can start with a good online website and try finishing the maximum pages of the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty has made the Quran understanding easy for those who have a sincere intention to understand it by heart.


Teaching Child to Perform Salah

Five Most Effective Ways of Teaching Salah to Kids

Teaching Child to Perform Salah

Five Most Effective Ways of Teaching Salah to Kids


Teaching payer to kids is one of the most prime responsibilities of Muslim parents. Salah needs to be taught in the most effective ways as the learning will be followed for the whole lifetime. We are going to provide you with the most effective route map to educate your children on Salah.


1. Making Salah A Priority

The priority you make for prayers in your daily life has a direct impact on your children. You might think that they don't observe your prayer schedule closely, but your activities have strong memory imprints on your children. You should try not to miss prayer intentionally, even in the busiest schedules. If you are planning to go outside with children, choose the times that don't overlap with prayers. If you are outside and it's prayers time, you must tell your children that we have to perform the prayer first in the nearby mosque. These examples will motivate children to perform Salah as a priority.


2. Enthusiasm & Positivity towards Salah

Your perception of prayer counts a lot. If you show cheerful feelings towards Salah, your children are going to develop the same perception. If you start your every day with fajr and you mention to your children that your day is going to be free from all evils, then it would develop the same mindset for your children.

Being a parent, you must remind payer times to children five times a day. However, it should be done with love & politeness like; Assalam O Alaikum! Wake up my child and perform Salah! Don't miss it, child, you will lose all Barakah today!


If you feel that child isn't responding to your call, you must still not force it and keep reminding them on every prayer time. It is quite essential to leave pleasant impacts of payer on children without using force.


3. Aspire Salah through Bed Time Stories

One of the most exciting ways to teach the importance of Salah is through bedtime stories. You should use stories of Prophets & saints who didn't miss Salah even under the life threats. It is also a productive approach to mention a slighter side of punishment like the punishment of grave for the ones who miss Salah. However, it is more advisable to teach Salah on motivating approach, so children don't develop the feeling of offering prayers just to avoid punishment.


Children should be taught the countless blessings of Allah Almighty through bedtime stories as well. Children must be taught to offer gratitude to Allah Almighty for the immense blessings on mankind.


4. Don't Rush Through Prayer & Wudhu Obligations

You must keep motivating children five times a day towards prayers. There is no need to rush through the rules of wudhu & offer prayers. You must encourage children if they are copying your prayers. Motivation is the only thing that can keep them interested in learning more about prayers principles. You can tell them with the time that they need to perform wudhu before offering prayers. Then you can step further towards teaching them the obligatory acts of wudhu and prayers.


Some of the more motivating ways can be to ask your child to say adhan & lead the following prayer. You can also ask them to help you will setting up prayer mats or follow you for wudhu.


5. Praise & Rewards for Offering Salah

After the child completes prayer, you must praise them for their efforts. You can use statements like Wow! You made a great effort towards finishing the Asar prayer. Similarly, it was great to see you offer fajr, now you have a day full of barakah. Likewise, it is pretty wonderful to see you perform wudhu without any mistakes today.

You can add up little rewards at the accomplishment of each prayer. Try giving them their favorite cookie whenever they finish the prayer. In this way, they would make more efforts in the childhood towards prayers and getting cookies at the end.


These five encouraging methods have proven to be more effective in introducing Salah to kids than any others. It is more crucial to instill positive & motivating feelings towards Salah in children as they need to learn to offer prayers by heart and not just to complete their religious responsibility. This positive attitude will extend throughout their lives.